Strategy Games, A Dying Breed?

"What is it, exactly, thats wrong with strategy games, and what could the industry do a little different to break out of the current rut and revitalize this niche genre?" -RTSguru

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Letros2616d ago

There has been quite of few hit RTS games all of variety, you touched upon them in the article. As for DoW customizing, this is actually something Relic has planned for DoW3, fully customizable armies.

End of Nations looks to be promising if they can make it fun.

A few others I'm keeping my eye out for are Stronghold 3, and Wargame: European Escalation (RUSE devs but without the dumbing down for consoles)

tarbis2614d ago

Problem with some RTS games these days is they tend to over complicate it. It would be hard for mid level and casual audience to pick up.
Games like Command and Conquer, Red Alert, Starcraft, Warcraft or Dota are easy to pick up. Even the RTS games of earlier generations are far easier to play.

sovietsoldier2614d ago

last rts i bought was ruse and it was great.

Beahmscream2614d ago

I miss AoE, EE, Black and White, Sim City, etc.