Thumb-Culture: How Gaming Changed My Life

TC writes: We gamers have the greatest hobby. An activity that can take you to places far beyond real life, to experience things that, while we’re stuck in an office or school, we know we will never be able to practice. Be it from carefully planning world domination with political decisions in Civilisation 5, feeling the struggles and self-sacrifice of a helpless father in Heavy Rain, or single-handedly wiping out a legion of your enemies during intergalactic war by way of the Master Chief, we gamers never have to dream, for it is crafted so realistically before our eyes.

Little wonder then, that this same past-time that helps us escape the ‘real world’ of bills, annoying partners and infuriating bosses, also takes an effect on our lives as a whole. So I put it to the team, what was the game you played, the story you experienced, that you remember so fondly, that changed your perspective, or even, changed your life?

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