Versus XIII; A Fantasy that Took a Road too Ambiguous

Back in 2006 -- before PlayStation 3 was still being assembled in one of those secret Sony lairs – Square Enix, upholding the long tradition of PS brand centric Final Fantasies announced the Fabula Nova Crystallis series for the much loved duo in the very near future.

How did that letter of love got lost somewhere in translation? It is hard to say. Perhaps the sweet smell of greens, the liability of investing a lot, or simply a trinket to toss over for more people to savor. The list is as endless, as it is complicated. But for now, let’s focus on where do us geeky, sore-eyed, Fantasy deprived gamers stand in this mist of FF nothingness on PS3?

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DigitalRaptor2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

The problem with this game is firstly, it's taking too long to come out. I believe it will be out late next year, but if they hadn't decided to make an unwanted sequel to that disappointing game I won't name, it would be out quite a while sooner.

Secondly, like the article suggests, Versus XIII is an ambiguous title that has had an ambiguous development process. It's aiming for the stars, and I don't think people quite understand what the team is creating here. In fact, some people don't even know this game exists, which is a problem.

It exists in a much more completed capacity than people will realise. I can't wait for them to finally reveal more. I'm guessing early next year for a full, much-deserved non-ambiguous world reveal and final release date.

I do like this quote from the article: "Where is Versus XIII? Truth be told, perhaps even Nomura-San doesn’t know what he got himself into"... he's shaping a potential masterpiece here, and that sort of thing doesn't come easily!

Tanir2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

its true, its not easy to come buy. the main problem was that he announced it when they weren't even really developing. its not that the dev time is taking that long, its that they were working on ff13 and 14.

aswell as crisis core, dissidia, 3rd birthday, Birth by sleep, 358/16 days (w/e its called), KH dream drop distance etc.

they just started actual development. and ontop of that, the type of game he is making is a tough game to make.

I mean its like us knowing that Kingdom Hearts 3 is being thought of. but thats not coming out for years.

Versus is doing something almost all Jrpgs have stopped doing since ps1. put an actual world map, vehicles etc. only series to do that even on ps2 is the Tales series, and wild arms 3.

reason? takes way to long. especially in an FF game. FF cities aren't your generic western cities, each city gets a certain artistic value (Midgar for example) then to render that in all HD and add tons of characters to talk too etc. it took to long, thats why its been gone since ps1.

so now ff Versus is Real time, action rpg, interactive enviorments, weather, travel etc.

I rather it take long and be a master piece than be rushed like most other games are. cant wait for this game!

Edit At Tiger fist.

lmao i meant western games sorry, u know, basic castle design, and huts, i mean its acurrate, but not hard to draw or render

Tigerfist2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

"FF cities aren't your generic western cities, each city gets a certain artistic value"

Generic western cities? Europe says no...

SAE2562d ago

yep , what you said is true ''he's shaping a potential masterpiece here, and that sort of thing doesn't come easily! ''

this kind of games don't come in a year , it needs time and study every thing , it needs experts , it need to rewrite things , it's an rpg game , it's about a story , but this game also is about graphics and gameplay , that's why it's special , look at gt5 , PD made one of the best games ever , but people still don't know that because they don't understand the idea of making it , they expected everything perfect and didn't bothered to look at the gameplay , but the truth is that it made for specific people which are car fans , more then 1000 car , each car have it's own gamplay , that takes years by studying the cars , physics ..etc they studied nascar and karting , they study how the cars move on the snow / dirt / rain , so PD focused on the gameplay and then they made the other things , they didn't want to just make a good looking game , they wanted to make something special but people can't see that special thing ...

but that's not going to happen to versus , everything looks amazing , i just hope it have a good gameplay so im not gonna expect anything from it but im looking forward for it...

jacksonmichael2563d ago

"How did that letter of love got lost somewhere in translation?"

Haha, that's a funny line to find in an article that seems to have been written by someone with English as a second language.

DragonKnight2562d ago

I know right? It's like this whole article was written by someone using a thesaurus and dictionary to sound smart. It's all over the place and hard to follow sometimes.

Run_bare2563d ago

I have faith in Nomura, he never let us down in the past before. I pray that Versus XIII to be the best Final Fantasy this generation seen.

Tanir2562d ago

nomura is the man. but since he is so awesome square is slave driving him. though they finally started working on this game full force so hopefully its only a year or 2.

I mean atleast we know it wont be a duke nukem or too human (Crappy game that took 10 years to make)

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Agent_hitman2562d ago

Versus13, it's almost 6 years ago, when SE announced it, but still there's no definite release date.. It's really tiring to wait for this game, honestly..

Taz Yamauchi2562d ago

I hope this game is released before i become an ancestor

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