PS Vita 3G 20MB download cap confirmed

GameSpot: As the PlayStation Vita approaches its December debut in Japan, specific details are starting to take shape about what the hardware can--and can't--do. In a 2011 Game Developers Conference Online sponsored session today, Sony Computer Entertainment America senior staff developer support engineer Chris Norden clarified a few of the machine's limitations

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fluffydelusions2658d ago

Wasn't this already confirmed like a month ago?

egidem2658d ago

Yes it was.

This was one of the things I feared getting a Vita. It would probably come to Rogers (Canada) and Rogers is too expensive...their best plan STILL has data caps. Unbelievable.

I'd say Wifi version for me. If I need to play elsewhere, I'll tether it to my phone wirelessly.

ksense2658d ago

I am trying to decide between the two but what exactly would be the benefit of the 3g version if you cannot download games using it. anyone care to share?

KillerPwned2658d ago

Yeah online play being able to constantly be connected to social networking shit like that.

Other then that I don`t see much in the 3G version, I have a wifi version on preorder I will be getting that.

catguykyou2658d ago

Sony said that they aren't planning to/ currently designed the 3g to be used for online play. Even 3g isn't as fast as what is needed for smooth online play.

It's primarily there for a feature check list and for people who want to browse the internet.

jony_dols2658d ago

I have a 15mb data package with my phone. So I'm going to buy d Wifi version and then just use my phone as a Wifi hotspot if I want online on d go.

So that means I save cash on my Vita & I don't have to pay for another data package!

Highlife2658d ago

Have an unlimited data package with my phone. I will just tether it to my droid. Wifi version for me

DarkTower8052658d ago

@catguykyou, fair enough, but 3g is plenty fast for many games people play daily on their phones.

SilentNegotiator2658d ago

I guess the 3G really isn't for ANYTHING gaming related. May as well get the Wifi version, then :/

ABizzel12658d ago

The hell I'm a do with 20MB

Wi-Fi version it is. Just buy a 4G hotspot and be better off.

Knushwood Butt2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Online access pretty much anywhere, without the need for the WiFi spot.

Built in GPS in the 3G model.

"The more expensive 3G-version will also come pre-loaded with some special applications that take advantage of 3G's "always-on" capabilities, such as augmented reality software.[19] The 3G service will be partnered with AT&T in the US.".


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jdfoster2658d ago

Online play, facebook, skype, twitter, use apps, gps etc etc etc etc

RBdrift2658d ago

You wont be able to play online with it because of the limitations in bandwidth with 3G . It was confirmed at this years E3 . I'm going to stick with the wifi version.

Arksine2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I agree with RBdrift. Even if 3G gaming was made available, the latency would be unacceptable for shooters and fighting games, which make up a large portion of the online gaming community. MMOs would probably be okay though, and perhaps that will be considered.

Maybe down the road there will be a 4G model, and then gaming could open up. I wouldnt expect the data plans to be cheap though.

Ju2658d ago

All that you can do with WiFi and a phone (tethering). Not sure why someone would want to pay for another data plan...

jdfoster2658d ago

@RBdrift Didn't know that. But still 3g will be used as a way to update twitter,facebook,apps etc etc etc

danhese0072658d ago

Actually, he is right. Asynchronous online Play over 3G, web browsing, downloading dlc, downloading Apps, PS Suit, PS Mini games that are smaller than 20MB, streaming music and video from Sony Online Entertainment. I would think using remoteplay to perform some tasks on PS3 when you are not close to a Wifi hotspot would be allowed to some degree.

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Studio-YaMi2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

you're not even getting one you troll
now shush !

Edit @consolez_FTW
I know that the wifi version is the better choice right now,and am not trying to defend sony,20mb restriction is lame,but this guy is nothing but a troll,you can even check his comment history for all his trolling on most of Sony's articles especially the PSV ones ! not to mention,my comments are right down below,so I actually did contribute.

consolez_FTW2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I'm getting wifi version too just because cheaper price point and this 20MB download cap!sealed my wifi purchase.

EDIT: my bad studio-Yami. He prolly isn't getting one anyway. just checked comment history..he isn't getting one judging by it :/

3GenGames2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

-goes on google- Boy I can't wait to mess with this Vita surfing! -message pops up- BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED

-.- I didn't even search anything yet!

Might as well not even be included, 20MB is a joke. Oh least it's there?

Ju2658d ago

How did that say you can't use more than 20MB? It said "downloadable games per 3G are limited to 20MB" as in download from store...

n4gisatroll2658d ago

With the 3g version, cant you use WiFi as well? If not...I am for sure going with the cheaper WiFi only version.

looza2658d ago

Of course there is wifi in the 3g version.

n4gisatroll2658d ago

I dont understand the outrage I guess then...

SpitTake2658d ago

cause you can't do much with the 3g cause it only 20 mb, no downloads, no online, nothing

jdfoster2657d ago

you can download games just limited to 20mb. But you can still download games and possibly play them (some smaller games) (with on-line leader boards etc) download apps, facebook etc etc etc

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