gamrTV Weekly - How Steve Jobs Changed Video Games

This week on gamrTV Weekly: Paul Dini, Netflix, Mass Effect 3, and The Last Story are in the news. Reviews of Aliens: Infestation, The God of War Origins Collection, and X-Men: Destiny. Finally, VGChartz' Editor-in-Chief pays respects to Steve Jobs and talks about how he changed the face of video games.

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malol2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

just because the guy is dead doesn't mean we have to give him honors to everything and with all due respect to him
NO he didn't change Video Games
the guy made a console that didn't even put on shelves that's how much a fail it was
remember this ??

but on the other hand he DID change a lot in Other tech related things and the way we use tech in out daily live
not gaming tho


ginganinja2566d ago

What did you use to write that entry with ?
A PC ?
Guess what Computers looked like before Jobs, Wozniak et al. came along. They were the size of rooms.
He helped put the P into PC, and if you don't think that has had a positive effect for gaming then....

malol2566d ago

you are totally missing the idea in here

ginganinja2566d ago

So no-one uses computers to play games on?
My bad...

vitz32566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Apple did not invent the PC. Jobs stole the idea of a GUI from Xerox and stuffed it into a proprietary PC.

Jobs did nothing for gaming, they only made the App Store because everyone started Jailbreaking their iOS devices. So they wanted a cut of the action.

Yes I use PC's for games, but don't look like an ignorant fool and say that PC's went from room-sized machines to desktops because of Job's "innovation" (re:theft).

UltimateIdiot9112566d ago

Perhaps we need an article about how Thomas Edison changed smartphones because after all he was pretty much the one who invented the telephone that end up in every house which lead to telephone companies which lead to cellphone companies which encourage tech companies to build cellphones that ultimately lead to building smartphones we have today.

Because that's what your comment sounds like.

You're trying to bridge something that are barely correlated. So he had an influence on what PC look like today but he wasn't the only one. Some can argue that IBM made the first PC.

The fact is Jobs and Woz were not the first or it's highly debatable. Not only that, they aren't the only influence that lead to the emergence of pc gaming nor did they make any direct influence to make the PC game industry grow. The only influence Job really had on the gaming industry is the mobile gaming industry. That's it.

moho-foe2566d ago

None of you or the OP know anything. Bungie was a mac dev first, Halo was shown first at Mac World. Steve Jobs had a chance to buy Bungie, but Microsoft bought them instead. And with that ushered in a new era for video games, a wave so big we are still riding today.

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Tarantino_Life2566d ago

He did squat for Video games.Please its nice to praise the guy. But videogames is not one of his achievements. Its an insult to the guys at Nintendo and Sony and other companies if Jobs is credited for achievement in videogames

JsonHenry2566d ago

^^ He was good at selling over-priced/under-performing junk at a higher price than the competition. The guy was a TRUE capitalist and businessman. But he didn't do jack squat for video games or gaming in general.

kcuthbertson2566d ago

I was gonna say this too. He revolutionized smart phones, and he deserves every bit of that credit..but video games? No way.

He may have helped revolutionize the way that pick up and play games were distributed but that's IT.

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