Ugly, Brutal, and Strangely Satisfying, The Cursed Crusade Hits Me Where It Hurts (Kotaku)

Michael Fahey writes: I've only played the game a few hours now, and the combat has yet to grow stale. There are still plenty of points to distribute, styles to unlock, and techniques to perfect. I find myself replaying one particular chapter of the story over and over again, simply because I know it leads directly into a massive battle where my skills will be put to good use. I might be playing The Cursed Crusade for a long time coming.

Yes, there is reason to be wary. It's a budget title, after all. I've seen my share of graphical glitches and imperfections. Luckily it's a budget title with a demo now available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, so you don't have to go blindly rushing in, unless that's your style.

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Ares84HU2563d ago

After trying the demo I was really let down. I was waiting for this game since I love games set in ancient times but the demo was very boring and the combat is just a joke.

Adolph Fitler2562d ago

I didn't find it all that bad...but I guess unlike you Ares, I had never really heard anything about the game.

But, I thought the game opened up nicely with the whole hiding behind the heavy, on wheel cover, push up, duck behind when arrows fired & such, & it felt like it was going to be quite diverse & not just straight forward hack'n'slash at 1st. But once it did actually throw you into the combat, it was fun for about 5mins, but then I was wondering why I was doing the same fatal blow to every enemy character 9 out of 10 times, & if it wasn't the animation of sliding the sword slowly in a guys guts, the slowly dragging it back out, then it was exactly the same hit combo the other 1 to 2 times out of 10.

I thought the game looked pretty nice for a budget title, played pretty well & smoothly......but because the combat gameplay was so limited & the dialogue was pretty shocking, it was enough to make this title a rental if you are truly obsessed with everything in that era, or just to skip it in favor of better games like the GOW, AC series, or Heavenly Sword, Demons or Dark Souls,etc.

There are too many truly standout titles & not enough time in life to worry about these calibre of titles, & with the above mentioned titles all being AAA & above quality, as well as similar quality titles like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2, with 3 just around the corner, Castlevania:LOI, Darksiders, & it's sequel not too far away, as well as titles only a step or 2 down in quality, such as Dantes Inferno & such, & only puts a blip on your/my collection to throw something in like this.

The scary part is that after my 1st play of the demo, I all but had this pencilled in to be added to my collection.
I mean, it is unique to these other games in it's gameplay style & approach, & it would be excellent to see a game done properly like it takes a more realistic type approach to the battle sequences & the way they are played out, so it would be nice to see a game set in these brutal medievil times, that manages to balance a few different gameplay styles like this game tried, with a great storyline & dialogue, as the source material is perfect for videogame fodder. You could ride horses into battle, have various battle scenarios that require different strategies, with battles reminiscent of the types in films like Braveheart & such...The story could also have a Gladiator type turn where you get locked up & forced to compete in combative portions of gameplay where your sword skills could be honed for future battles....then you could have the choice to escape in a steathier based gameplay style, & so on & so forth...Ben Hur type chariot race battle section.

The gameplay options, story, era, heavy violence & such are all perfectly suited to videogames....I just wish developers were more suited to making a great, diverse, game in the era & style. Hell, Rockstar are probably the best equipped to make a standout game that implements all this & more.

Also, wheres a Conan game based on the new movie. Conan is another awesome character & topic for a classic videogame, that nobody seems to have capitalized on yet...Just like Evil Dead & it's terrible to half decent game adaptions, the content is there & already made, & you could find any film, comic or whatever, more suited to why can't we get a studio doing these genres, characters & stories justice?