Three ways the new SSX could save the franchise

The last two SSX titles really sent the series on a downward spiral. The new game could possibly save the franchise.

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THR1LLHOUSE2564d ago

I never got into SSX back in the day...I was more of a fan of Activision's "____ Pro ____" games. Too bad there hasn't been a good one of those in a looong time.

This wingsuit thing sounds like a pretty cool addition though. Maybe I'll check this out.

choadley2564d ago

I liked the old SSX characters, and the wingsuit sounds awesome.

Sadie21002564d ago

SSX on Tour wasn't bad at all! But yeah, 3 was the best.

LockeCole2564d ago

I have such fond memories of the old SSX games. I hope this one lives up to them.

Tolkoto2564d ago

Maybe some franchises don't need to last for decades.

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