Hands-On with Battlefield 3: Too Hyped for its Own Good? - GameZone

GameZone's Ben PerLee previews Battlefield 3, breaking down the co-op multiplayer and main campaign. He has a negative outlook on the game due to some poor game design decisions and the numerous bugs and technical problems that are in the game.

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lifesanrpg2562d ago

They did it to themselves with all their "We're gonna dethrone MW3"

SH0CKW4VE2562d ago

No it was more everyone hyping it for themselves but thats the beauty of marketing, you dont even realise your doing it for them ;)

I NEVER hype a game up by trailers or flashy stage demos, I wait until I see someone other than the game developers playing it or until I get hands on myself before I make any judgements at all.

MariaHelFutura2562d ago

Myself and the rest of the Battlefield universe think this, if the SP is good that's great, if not...oh well. But its the MP/CQ, that people want to be beyond outstanding. And it damn well better be.

OcelotRigz2562d ago

Agreed. The multiplayer experience is what this game, hell the whole series, is all about. Thats what will make or break it.

With that said, i personally do hope the single player is good.

Hufandpuf2562d ago

Co op and single player preview only? Is this guy on drugs?

lifesanrpg2562d ago

"Now, before I go too far complaining, I must indicate that EA had some serious issues with internet connectivity at this preview session"

That might have been all EA was showing during the session.

aviator1892562d ago

EA's servers and their connectivity always seem to function horribly. Even now, I usually have problems connecting to EA's servers playing Battlefield 1943.

0neShot2562d ago

No, not him but you are. You didn't understand the part where he says multiplayer will come later because he was asked not to for the moment?

DemonStration2562d ago

Battlefield games are always a mess at launch. It's the downside of having any actual ambitions.

13lackDeath2562d ago

I think it's too under hyped, needs more hype. Caspian Border on the beta showed me that.

OcelotRigz2562d ago

Since this guy is only previewing the singleplayer/co-op aspect of the game then no, its not too hyped for its own good since realistically nobody was really expecting much from the singleplayer, or at least shouldn't have. Like i said already, BF is all about the multiplayer experience.

Then again, although nobody should expect anything special from the singleplayer, you would at least expect, or rather hope, that its a short enjoyable experience. But this preview doesnt sound encouraging.

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The story is too old to be commented.