5 video-game levels you must play

Some game levels just stand out, even in a top-notch game. Here are five examples everybody should experience at least once.

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THR1LLHOUSE2562d ago

Some good picks on there. The flying Colossus (err, were there two?) was a good one. I remember the underwater one being pretty awesome as well.

Another good level from COD4: The one where the [spoiler] goes off and [spoilers] everyone. Totally nuts. Too bad they never figured out how to match that...

antz11042561d ago

Agreed about the Colossi fight, fantastic.

In terms of Modern Warfare 1 I personally would have chosen the flashback level where you were Cpt. Price defending a downed comrade waiting for the chopper pickup.

That was glorified badass.

THR1LLHOUSE2561d ago

Oh yeah, totally. COD4 had some really cool levels.

SybaRat2562d ago

I always go back to Kinshasa in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. I don't know's the least Splinter Celly level in the game.

Sadie21002562d ago

Interesting list. I can't even begin to narrow mine down like this.

LockeCole2562d ago

The flying Colossus is the best.

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The story is too old to be commented.