CastleVille: A new -Ville adventure with a fantasy flair

Today, Zynga announced CastleVille. The game's creative director sits down to tell us more about what to expect from the latest -Ville title.

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THR1LLHOUSE2565d ago

I've never played a -Ville game...Maybe if we get like, Metal Gear Solidville or something?

Sadie21002565d ago

Those characters look dopey as hell.

choadley2564d ago

Beware of bad guys called beasties...

idontgetit2564d ago

"Create Your Happy Ending." :)

SybaRat2564d ago

I think we can shorten the 12-step program required to get someone off Zynga games to just one step: repeated slapping.

ElementX2564d ago

Don't insult 12-step programs by mentioning them with Zynga

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