Gaming Manuals: Sorry, Your Not Needed Anymore

ObnoxiousGamer: Manuals used to be an essential element of the gaming experience, explaining the game, providing some backstory and even containing some of the moves in fighting games. As games, the internet and video game news has grown, manuals have gotten slimmer and slimmer, now containing some light information and no moves, and in some cases the games do not come with the manuals at all. Is it worth it to even bother including them anymore?

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Beahmscream2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

I happen to love the days where manuals were in my games. the first thing I do when I bought a game was pull that bad boy out and read every last word of it. Guess I'm just old school though..

egidem2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

You're definitely not the only one!

Opening a game case and seeing a thick manual booklet tucked neatly into its side sitting right next to the disc itself has always had a special meaning. To me it means that there is some sort of completion in the product you hold in the hands..wholeness I would say.

Fil1012562d ago

yeah I noticed this when i brought tiger 12 the piece of paper in the box kinda made me feel like there was something missing like maybe a manual I love the feeling of getting a new game and reading the manual front to back before even thinking about playing the game.

tigertron2561d ago

I used to do the same, but now they don't even bother with manuals. Mass Effect 2 didn't even have one, it was on the game itself and Gears 3 only had a controller layout or whatever which wasn't even worth the paper. Thats pathetic when you compare it to the nice little booklet you got in Gears 2.

Solid_Snake-2561d ago

i love how the metal gear manuals used to show you how to do the combat with comic book art.

also a "NOTES" section at the back for you to write your cheat codes or items found.

the smell,ahhhhhhh the smell

ReservoirDog3162561d ago

Yeah, don't agree with the article and a grammar mistake in the title...yeah, bad article.

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Hufandpuf2562d ago

manuals were a good piece of what made the game. An awesome game with a sweet guide to go with it is what's lacking in today's games.

Brixxer6002562d ago

@ Beahmscream and Hufandpuf

Couldn't agree more with those comments.

killswitchmad2562d ago

Completely agree with the above comments, Game manuals have always been the first step into each game for me...I do love a good manual.

HarryKawk2562d ago hmmm?

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The story is too old to be commented.