Forza 4 Release Promo: Build a Car and Give it Away

While Turn 10 Studios’ Forza 4 is spilling into digital and retail shops all over the world, the official European release date is October 14. To help pass the time, a team of pro race mechanics are building a Tornado replica of Ford’s GT40 over six days in London’s Westfield shopping center... One UK voter will win the car.

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ironwolf2565d ago

Neat promo. I don't know how the tax system works in the UK, but in the States the winner would likely have to sell the car to pay the taxes on his win.

gamingdroid2565d ago

Yeah, it is ridiculous! You find taxes on just about anything these days.

FalconR2892565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

The only thing that is certain in life is death and taxes.

JellyJelly2565d ago

I first read it as "death in Texas", which would also be true.

Boody-Bandit2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

And here my wife thinks I am for bonkers trying to get my hands on a sports car dashboard to mount my wheel and pedals to just so I can turn laps in Forza 4 and other racing games, but this, this is crazy.

Slightly off topic but I need to know.
Is anyone using Kinect for head tracking in Forza 4? If so, what are your thoughts?