Top 5 Free to Play MMOs and MMORPGs in October;

Each month staff pick their top 5 favourite Free to Play MMOs and MMORPGs, check out what is in store for October.

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BakedGoods2561d ago

Ah, I used to play Age of Conan (at launch). I'll have to load it up again and see how its doing.

Beahmscream2561d ago

Same here, I remember it being a buggy mess on launch. Had so much potential!

NuclearDuke2561d ago

Free-to-Play MMO's out of the box tend to suck massively. Sorry, but they do. You basically pay-to-win, there is no excuse.

Money for Power -> Bad MMO.

SlickShoes2561d ago

I can't take any list seriously that even lists Battlestar Online as a serious game to waste time in, it is horrific and controls like a bus driving on an ice lake.