Mass Effect 3 Online Pass details revealed

EA has revealed the details regarding Mass Effect 3 Online Pass. The publisher said that the recently announced multiplayer mode of ME3 is accessed via Online Pass code that will be included in each and every new copy of the game.

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Quagmire2560d ago

This is the reason why ME DIDNT need Multi-player...

Mozilla892560d ago

You still don't have to play multi-player. The devs have already said clearly that you can get the full experience through single player. Besides just buy the game new and you'll not be paying extra for multi-player.

DarkBlood2560d ago

true from that information it only seems like a stab at muti lovers

grifter0242560d ago

Why does everyone NEED to buy new just to enjoy the game to its fullest potential?

So I am being forced to buy new at 60$+ just to get the full game while people that want to see how good the game ACTUALLY IS have to add 10$ to their purchase just because you want to wait for REAL reviews.

Thats asinine.

"Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War system will also connect gamers to their BioWare Social Network accounts to access downloadable content."

I have already made up my mind to cancel my preorder so someone please clarify this for me.

When and IF I buy this game now and I dont care for this tacked on multiplayer I am actually going to HAVE to buy a pass to download DLC!!!!

hahahahahHAHAHAHA. I'm so through with EAWare.

C_Menz2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Grifter you can still buy a game new months after a game release and get online passes with it.

--Onilink--2560d ago

@grifter024 and Quagmire

I guess you also didnt play Mass Effect 2 right??? you guys do know that mass effect 2 came with an online pass for cerberus network dont you?

so if you didnt whine about using an online pass to get ME2 DLC or simply enjoy the SP, why the hell are you whining now???

radphil2560d ago


How do you know he didn't complain about that too?

grifter0242560d ago


I'm not going to buy new before I see an actual review not these paid 10/10 5/5 star reviews. I've been burned in the past and I know better now. The only game I actually preordered last year was MassEffect2 and it would have been the same with ME3 but this crap made me cancel it.

I bought Mass2 Collectors edition and did get the Cerb pass. The reason I bought it was because I was going from Mass1 to Mass2 and thought the Collectors edition was going to be worth wasnt.

You get an armor that noone uses anymore, a free character that doesnt even have a storyline besides 1 little loyalty mission, walking around collecting tags at the wreckage that did nothing for the story, and I think thats it. The collectors edition came with a 10 page little comic that was boring, and a behind the scenes making of that only hyped the game and didnt show anything! Also last I remember it was 70$+ so the 10$ for the pass was included so it wasnt free.

You want people to buy the game new do what Dark Souls did and make the collectors edition the STANDARD edition and give people incentives to keep the damn game and buy new...NOT nickle and diming the crap out of consumers and saying "Buy new or your screwed and we dont care about you!"

gamingdroid2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Online passes disgust me!

It is a a vehicle which multi-billion dollar publishers convince the public they need the support dollars while the common mans says, yes please!


How did you redeem the character, because in my copy there was just a code for the cerberus pass? I didn't see any character.

grifter0242560d ago


When you bought the game new they gave you 24hrs to get Zaheed for free as well as the wreckage for free.

Now I think you have to pay.

Deputydon2560d ago


You can wait months and months and months for all the non 'paid reviews'. And still buy the game new. It's not a PRE ORDER thing. When you buy the game new it comes with an online pass code inside.

These companies spend millions of dollars developing amazing games that they'd actually like to make a profit on. The online pass system is actually a great way to get more people to buy the game new instead of at a third party store like gamestop. Besides, if you really are so greedy that you can't dish out the full price of a game, and you really do plan on waiting for 'real' reviews, you can probably buy a used copy of the game, and the $10 pass and still pay less than $60.

In other words, stop bitching about absolutely nothing.

grifter0242559d ago


I'm not denying they are talented and make enjoyable games. The thing that gets on my nerves is how they lock things away just so you have to buy it at 60+ or at launch for those "Preorder," Bonuses that are unique for what 1 month before they get greedy and just throw it on the marketplace.

This is ridiculous, you lock something away on a dick that you paid for just because you want to nickel and dime some MORE!

But I guess you approve of Arkham City having an Online Pass as well. Haha

That makes me laugh so much that two main single player games get Online Passes when one is an RPG and the other is story driven.

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Nate-Dog2559d ago

Mass Effect 2 had an online pass too. Granted this locks you out on an actual mode instead of just free or bought content but still. I couldn't really care for the co-op myself anyway. I'll try it out once or twice since I'll be on XBL around the same time (well sort of) for the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta but that's it.

SKUD2560d ago

Facepalm at the facebook integration. The cancer keeps spreading.

Doctolul2560d ago

*Sips wine on a balcony overlooking hypocritical used-game buying peasants protesting unfair business practices and then supporting them buy buying into them anyways*

Yeah, I already never buy used games. Don't give a fuck if any of them have online passes or any other form of the "project $10" scheme. You poor miserable peasants can bitch all you want, I'm happy.

MidnytRain2560d ago

I don't know why people make a big deal about this. New games are only slightly more expensive than used games around launch. I'd rather have a new game than used anyway.

Mozilla892559d ago


I usually buy new from Amazon and can't remember the last time I paid full price for a game. For example I waited a month to buy Deus Ex and got it for $40 instead of $60. Deals are out there, they just need to be found.