Top 5 Saddest Moments in Classic Video Games

GameDynamo - "Over the years, games have showed us that they can be just as epic, emotional, and important as a good film or a great book. While back in the day there might not have been many tears shared over a dissolving Pac-Man or (unless you were really the emotional type) or a blown up ship in Galaga (a fiery and painful death to be sure), we've seen games grow and offer us well-written characters who come to life in grand, well-woven stories. Because with any good story emotions should be avoked, it's only natural for a game with a great story and heroes to give us a down somewhere among the ups. "

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GunofthePatriots2565d ago

i thought when goofy got clobbered by a rock in kh2 was sad lol

Capt-FuzzyPants2565d ago

Yea that was the best. I was like no way how'd Square sneak this one by Disney.

Whore_Mouth2565d ago

This should really be called "Remember That Time In That One Final Fantasy Game?", but I see that as being too long.

Having your dog shot in Fable II was pretty bad.

Hicken2565d ago

I wouldda added the ending of Ico in there as well. I can't really get into the whole Aerith thing, because it just didn't make enough sense to me. And I was PISSED because she died with my Materia.

typikal822565d ago

I yelled out NOOOOOOOOO when Argo fell. I never saw that coming, it was so sad. :( didn't realize how attached I got to my only buddy in the game.

Man, I remember I even called my gf at the time to tell her.

Lord_Sloth2565d ago

Stupid pig.

MGS4's final scene before the credits nearly had me in tears.

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The story is too old to be commented.