OG International File for Declaratory Judgement against Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s widely recognised, and incredibly successful, dancing game Just Dance 3 has just launched across the world. Understandably Ubisoft have tried to protect their successful franchise from being copied by other companies and publishers, so they cant just come and cash in on the success. The latest of these potential imitators is OG International’s upcoming game, Get Up And Dance for Wii and PS3, at least that is what Ubisoft believe.

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AndyLunique2567d ago

Just Dance probably over exceeded everyone's expectations after the launch of Just Dance 2. They hit over 17 million copies in just under a year. They have the right to be competitive, but this other game "get up and dance" sounds enticing. I kinda wish JD3 had those features. I think Ubi is def playing defense on that one, i've seen other franchises do it.

ShadyDevil2567d ago

Thats crazy. Ubisoft versus a much smaller company. If OG Intl. aka O Games wins...this could be major stuff.

Relientk772567d ago

Who is filing a claim against Ubisoft?

I never even heard of them