Nintendo hoping to capitalize on previous success with Wii U

Before the Nintendo Wii’s release in 2006, few people would have predicted the new motion-controlled console would manage to entice the masses like it did.

Nintendo is hoping to capture lightning in a bottle once again with a new console called the Wii U, which will be released in 2012.

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Venox20082563d ago

No one can predict will it be success or not.. I hope it will and if will have great games I'll buy it.. and yes, I love a controller, it's not as big as many says..

Khordchange2562d ago

wrong, nintendo is hoping for it to fail *sarcasm*

I really like the idea, it's the ipad but actually using that feature to full length and making it interact with the tv. Its innovative. I still think they need to have multiple controllers, then it will truly be unique.

Titanz2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

If Nintendo markets it right, and includes a decent price for - the Tablet consumers will be all over it.

ChickeyCantor2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Tablets costs 400$ because:

Build in ARM CPU's ( basically one of the best mobile CPU chips out there).
Build in GPU ( Especially with Nvidia Tegra the price goes up, or a good SGX GPU).
Build in Ram...( herpa derp derp).
Licensing fee to Google ( Android )...or just overpriced( Apple ).
Marketing investment.
Retail price.

( and then some).

This controller is part of the console itself.
I doubt the controller will cost over 100 bucks by the time it's released.

Touchscreens aren't that expensive as back in 2005.
And surely the price will be down again when it's launched.

Titanz2561d ago

The Wii U is a "console with a tablet- like controller". If it's cheaper, you can bet the tablet consumer base will be all over it.

"guess it's sorta like the Fisher Price equivalent."

LMAO - whatever dude xD

Hicken2562d ago

The WiiU controller is not a tablet in the sense that you're using it. Well, I guess it's sorta like the Fisher Price equivalent.

beast242tru2562d ago

once it isnt too expensive ill buy a wii u. i never bought wii soo if i get this ill have a wii and a wii u can still use wiimote i heard and the new controller is kinda wiked just wish it was a hd screen on it

2561d ago
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