8.0 Reviews Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

“This nation has a job called “adventurers.” It all happened before Arland became a republic. People wanted to explore, adventure, or develop the frontier. The knights of Arland were weak, so the citizens joined them and helped out. It happened gradually, but that system was later institutionalized. Adventuring is now a real job. My mother was one of those adventurers. I hear she’s actually famous, too, but we haven’t heard from her in years. My father and sister both think she’s already … but I don’t think so.”

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ftwrthtx2561d ago

Fun game but I'm not a big fan of turn based battle

Elemental21422561d ago

Yeah but you get my point right though? its not much for the older group of gamers, more like for the younger generation.

kc_chang2561d ago

I'm sure that the younger generation will appreciate this game.