PlayStation Store Update 11 October 2011

Sony has detailed all the new content available as part of this week's US PlayStation Store update.

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BX812563d ago

When is payday the heist supposed to be out?

acemonkey2563d ago

maybe if were lucky next week but i believe they said late oct...i want payday and real steel

BX812562d ago

Ahh that sucks. That game looks fun. Oh well as long as they didn't knowingly release a buggy game that's cool with me. Thanks for the response.

nevin12563d ago

NBA 2K10 PSP – Price Change (PS3/PSP) (now $19.99 original price $29.99 )

lol, That must be an error or Sony pricing is just awful.

2K11 PSP debuted for $19.99 last year. 2K12 for PSP is $19.99.