Top 5 Strategy Games Every PC Gamer Should Play

GameFront, "In an age when even old-school FPS gurus like iD’s John Carmack are defecting to consoles, you can still be sure of one thing: strategy gaming has ever been and will always be the province of PC’s. Whether it’s due to the more cerebral, measured gameplay, or — more likely — the crucial importance of mouse controls, the jump to other platforms is rarely successful. Despite their large market share and stable, unchanging hardware, consoles struggle to sustain a pure strategy game."

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Mozilla892563d ago

I pretty much clicked on this to ensure that Homeworld was included and sure enough it is. I approve.

ATi_Elite2563d ago

I never played Homeworld but I'm gonna check it out.....maybe Good ol Games has it for dirt cheap!

Mozilla892562d ago

Amazon seems to have it for a fairly cheap price.

sonicsidewinder2563d ago

Damn it I want to play Homeworld. Why hasn't Relic got it up on a digital distribution service like Steam?!