Media Create hardware sales (10/3 – 10/9)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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BitbyDeath2562d ago

PSP Go no longer selling in Japan?
Would be about time they took it off store shelves

Misterhbk2562d ago

You been under a rock? Sony stopped manufacturing them months ago. What was left were just remaining stock that most likely has been cleared away.

shikamaroooo2562d ago

I still get amazed at how ps2 still manages to sell hundred's of systems on a weekly basis

Darth Stewie2562d ago

3DS – 53,540
PS3 – 29,435
PSP – 26,780
Wii – 10,080
DSi LL – 2,175
DSi – 1,718
Xbox 360 – 1,346
PS2 – 1,326
DS Lite – 51

Damn look at the 3DS and PS3 sales.
The PS3 almost outsold the WII by 3 to 1 and the PS3 is still the most expensive system in Japan.
LOL the 360 only sold 20 more than the the king(PS2) long live the king.

Laxman2162562d ago

It may have once been the king, but we've had the Dreamcast, Xbox, Wii, PS3 and 360 since it was the best console on the market.

Hicken2562d ago

And which of those has outsold the king? None? With the WiiU coming out next year, the chances of the Wii doing so are pretty slim, too.

That aside, there's still no game with a library as diverse or extensive. And there probably never will be.

Laxman2162562d ago

Oh im sorry, I didnt realize sales or quantity equalled quality.

Hicken2561d ago

Don't be a fool. While the PS2 wasn't the most powerful system of last generation, its library of games was second to none. Nevermind the size of the library; the number of top-tier games, itself may well outnumber the entire libraries of its competitors. From RPGs to racers to shooters to action/adventure, only PC surpassed the PS2's games in quality, and that wasn't a given, even then.