Echochrome: Next-Gen Preview

Echochrome, at the moment, is a flawed novelty – with the potential to become a very good PSP and PS3 game if some faults are ironed out. The game's world is constructed of, essentially, impossible objects that have the illusion of 3D but operate on a 2D plane.

The game clicks into place relatively quickly, with a black figure (the 'echo') appearing at certain stages of the level, which you then have to guide the white figure to, which causes the echo to reappear elsewhere on the structure. The simple tasks to begin with work perfectly well, and on this basic level Echochrome is very gratifying and well-executed.

However, when you become more ambitious in attempts to solve puzzles, certain 'solutions' simply won't work. It becomes clear there are a limited number of ways to solve the puzzles 'correctly', and it will baffle as to why the game rejects others that seem consistent to its rules. Fundamentally, Echochrome contradicts its own weird logic, and breaks its own spell over the player.

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demolitionX4012d ago

this game is a must buy for ME!!!

Skerj4012d ago

If this is hitting PSN before the year is out that's 5 more PSN games I'm getting. Pain, High Velocity Bowling, Wipeout HD, Rat Race, and this. Pretty damn sweet, I hope they don't let up on the original PSN titles.