EA Origin Doesn't Like "Old" Games - No Access To DLCs Of Games Bought Before September 2009

EA's Origin seems to cause serious trouble. Not only can't you register old games like Battlefield 2 or 2142. The DLC packs you bought for them are gone and EA support confirms: No compensation! Check the story!

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The Meerkat2563d ago

2009 isn't old.

I still play games from much earlier.

Solidus187-SCMilk2563d ago

the more I hear about origin, the more it sounds like a shitty service that doesnt care about their customers.

limewax2563d ago

It is, I used it for the BF3 Beta. I will list the issues I encountered.

1. Slow, I mean really slow. I get a sign in hang on an I7 Sandybridge running off an OCZ SSD....Why?

2. Awful UI. The Library is a lot more clustered and looks less polished than steam, Only shows the game cover rather than screenshots you take in game. The store side is less organized and oddly enough not the first thing it shows you.

3. Not user friendly at ALL. After installing Origin to my D:/ Drive it continued to install plenty of its data to my C:/ along with any games I choose to download. You have to redirect the game download. Which is hidden away pretty damn well too and took a google search to find out how to do it.

4. Price, Origin wants me to pay the full store CONSOLE retail price for games. Whereas Steam often releases at anything from £5-£15 below the £39.99 RRP of console games. PC games often retail at £29.99 so the Origin price is ridiculous.

I could probably go on but I am in the process of deleting it from my PC before I find anything else to dislike about it

da_2pacalypse2563d ago

I made the mistake of downloading it... Now I will forever have to live with the fact that I cheated on Gabe Newell. I'M SORRY GABE, I'LL FOREVER BE YOURS!!! LOOK I EVEN DELETED MY ORIGIN ACCOUNT! FORGIVE ME!!!!

awi59512563d ago

Yep never trust EA especially after your games are 2 years old.

pedo_across-the-road2563d ago

How about trophies for the simpson game.c'mon EA!

Pandamobile2563d ago

"Not only can't you register old games like Battlefield 2 or 2142. The DLC packs you bought for them are gone"

That's because the DLC was made free :l

LightofDarkness2563d ago

God, every time something like this comes out about Origin it's like "FLEE ALL YE POSSESSED OF PC GAMES! ORIGIN MAKES AN APPROACH!"

Nobody ever bothers to find out about the actual facts of the matter. It's apparently more fun to announce the coming doom of us all from the mountaintops, I suppose.

palaeomerus2563d ago

Origin is so creepy. I hated the idea because this is the publisher who has been shutting down online servers for games, some of which are less than three years old, and who are trying to sell Madden and FIFA as a subscription. It's named for a company that EA bought, mismanaged, and dismantled.

Ares84HU2563d ago

This is where DD games will lead. This is what I fear that when you don't have possession of your own stuff but it is controlled by a company you will have to dance the way they whistle.

Sometimes I like to play my PS1 games for nostalgia and I'm confident I can because I actually OWN them.

I say, down with DD and cloud based gaming!!!!!

bumnut2563d ago

I agree about the cloud part, but I have no problems with DD.

Ares84HU2563d ago

As long as they keep the games on their servers and the DLC that goes along with it. What if you need a completely new PC and suddenly you can't download a game you got 4 years ago and you really want to play but EA (or another company) decided that it's too old so took it off???

That is why I don't like DD. With DD you don't own a physical copy of the game so it can be lost very easily. DD to me is like money out the window.

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