Gran Turismo 5 - Spec 2.0 Standard Car Cockpit Gameplay (Gametrailers)

Gametrailers writes, "Standard cars now have cockpit views. Take a gander at a selection from the GameTrailers garage."

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waltyftm3537d ago

Some look terrible, but others look good, the poly gt for example.

Minimox163536d ago

there are better interiors, in gtplanet there is a forum with non black interior of the standars

Unaffected3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Image used for this video is completely misleading

Enmson3537d ago

well they listened to people when they say that at least it should dark and they did it. they did a lot of stuff in this game and the best thing is its all free!

Thanks PD can't wait for more updates :)

kingdoms3537d ago

I'm surprised I was getting so many disagrees in the vs article in the top story section looking at this.

qwertyz3537d ago

doesn't look nearly as good as that of the premiums

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The story is too old to be commented.