ZTGD | Dark Souls Review

Drew Leachman writes: Ah, Demon’s Souls. The 2009 action RPG that slowly became a cult classic, known for its brutal difficultly.and unique online multiplayer, took the hardcore RPG players for a long, rewarding ride.

It was a game that no one really knew about, and most of its popularity was generated through rumors and word of mouth. Now, 2011 is here, and From Software is back to make you die all over again in the spiritual successor entitled Dark Souls.

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caseh2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Yeah the guide book was important in the original demons souls, not because it tells you how to do the game but for example knowing where certain items are and the requirements to equip them can allow you to lvl up accordingly.

DeleteThisxx2565d ago

I guess you guys haven't discovered gameFaqs.

FrustratedFury2565d ago

I do highly suggest Using either GameFAQ's or the offcial Wiki for the game. They both offer up just as much content and help as the guide does all for free.

FrustratedFury2565d ago

Although, I do have to say, the collector's edition hardcover guide is rather sexy. The collector in me is crying for it.

DeleteThisxx2564d ago

Glad I got two from Amazon for the price of one :D