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Despite playing Dark Souls so much he finished it within four days, Critical Gamer's Ian D didn't have much fun with it. Read the full Critical Gamer review to find out why.

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gam3rit2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

a review that we agree in some points, not all, but that will not be understood by many people as it was for the review that we wrote here:

but everyone has the right to be able to say his opinion

ryhanon2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I think the game is great, but there is one thing I can agree with the reviewer on, at least at this point (I'm not very deep into the game yet, only 10ish hours or less, so my opinion may change). As of right now I do agree with the reviewer that Demon's Souls was a better game. Some of the mechanics even felt a little tighter (particularly the parrying/riposte mechanic felt much tighter and fluid in Demon's Souls).

Dark Souls is still fantastic though. I can't understand how anyone could like Demon's Souls and *not* like Dark Souls.

2653d ago
Drekken2653d ago

This reviewer should have his reviewing rights revoked or banish him to only playing Nin DS games.

Dark Souls has a solid grip on GOTY from me. I am lvl 62 with all kinds of hours spent and I still have plenty of places to go and bosses to kill.

It amazes me that a person who is supposed to be a professional would pick up a game to review where the cover of said game states: PREPARE TO DIE and give it a bad review score because his sorry ass died.

I died at the beginning a bunch, but I went through the rest of the game so far with no more deaths than any other game that doesn't hold your hand. This is a big boy game and all of these "gamers" that have had their little tushies pampered by games as of late that are made with the No child Left Behind mentality need to grow a pair... or as Betty White says - Grow a vagina! They take a pounding.

admiralvic2653d ago

Its a tag line... I got a review copy of Spelunker HD from tozai and it had TONS of fluff about dying. I beat the game with 99 lifes remaining. I mean for gods sake... of all reasons to justify your opinion.

Heres a simple news flash. Reviews are opinion and opinion is subjective. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer as long as you're honest. Speaking frankly not every gamer wants a game that was designed to be hard and not every gamer wants to play up.

Don't confuse your opinion as fact or their opinion. It's always good to have reviews that suit everyones taste over idiots like you bitching over someone not having fun. I mean should we really hit a point where you got to bully opinions to conform to your standard just so you feel validated?

Bimkoblerutso2652d ago

As much as I love this game, it sure does spawn a lot of elitist douchebags with superiority complexes.

He beat the game, friend. He beat the game in FOUR DAYS, no less. He just said that he disliked the way it was structured to the point that he was not having fun playing the game. It's a perfectly valid critique, albeit one you may disagree with.

Drake1172652d ago

I agree with both admiralvic and bimk. I like dark souls alot don't get me wrong (just beat it today actually). I disagree with him saying that the game is unfairly cheap and all the stuff about him complaining about deaths and all. But the difficulty does cover up a lot of things that are fundamentally wrong with the game. I wish that Fromsoft developed the story alot more than they did and gave players atleast some direction. Plus the online system is absolutely atrocious. It seems that alot of the deaths for players at the beginning of the game are from them having no idea where to go and being in the wrong place. It seems like many of the "elitist douchebags" get so caught up in the difficulty that they ignore everything else about the game. They tend to say stupid things like Dark souls is better than game X because you wont die 1000 times in game X. Seems like they like the game more for the fact that they can talk about how hard it is and how hardcore they are to there friends rather than having a game that is great in all aspects in there hands.

snipes1012653d ago

What From should have done is implement a difficulty selection. Dark Soul's Light, Dark Soul's Medium, Dark Souls. The Dark Souls mode is just like how the game is now and the first two are for gamers just getting into the DS games. I really don't think that is too much to ask because not everyone has the time to dedicate to these types of games. Some people just plain aren't that good and the barrier that set up for this game seems, in my view, kind of dumb.

Yes, I will be buying the game at some point to try and make the trudge, but other's won't just knowing that there is no way to ease themselves in.

Wizziokid2653d ago

I'm loving the game, yes it's frustrating but that's part of the thrill, it's an actual challenge, something with most games these days forget about

The Meerkat2653d ago

I played one of the spiderman games and got to a point where I just couldn't get past it.

I loved the game but try as I might I just couldn't do it. I'm worried that something similar would happen here and ruin the game for me.

I'm not going to pay full price for a single player game that I may only get 50% of the value out of it.

I'll wait until its on sale for £12.99 then pick it up.

nix2653d ago

in demon's souls, the game was easy as long as you focused all the time. a tad second late at blocking and the first minion could kill you instantly. i can't believe i finished it though. ((:

i hope it's the same here. will be picking it up this week. then.. i can say goodbye to whatever social life i have left. q;

InTheLab2653d ago

It's an open ended game. There is no one boss or area (probably going to be Blighttown) that will trip you up and prevent you from beating the game.

Wizziokid2653d ago

Just to compare this to deamon souls, it's a lot harder in my opinion, I finished Deamon Souls, I didn't have too much difficulty with it, but this, this is a different story, they really upped there game with this one

nycredude2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )


50% of this games length is more than 3 times your average games this gen.

on topic: this reviewer exposed himself as having subpar gaming skills.

Drekken2653d ago

nycredude - Subpar review skills too. lol

DragonKnight2653d ago

Pay no attention to Meerkat. He's been trolling this game hard. He thinks MW3 is a better game.

On Topic: This is exactly the kind of game that separates the real reviewers from the bloggers. You don't mark a game down for difficulty unless it's cheap and unfair. Dark Souls is not. It's punishing, and at times unforgiving, but there is always a way to get passed that boss or NPC or demon you think is just too hard to beat.

I died so many times on the Capra Demon, I was pissed. But I found out that my weapon was crappy, my shield wasn't good enough, and that is why I died so easily. Went out, got the Drake Sword, the Black Knight Shield, and whooped some Capra Demon a$$. This is the kind of game you don't want to stop no matter how hard it gets. You end up saying "I KNOW I can beat this" and you just keep trying and trying.

If you can't beat it, it's YOUR fault not the game. This reviewer is a wimp.

snipes1012653d ago

Reviewers are not really meant to have incredible gaming skills, they are just supposed to know how to maneuver their way around a variety of genres and be a jack-of-all-trades. Given that they have to do wayyy more than just review games as well, they probably do not have as much time to hone their skills on just one game or one genre.

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Akiba962653d ago

This game has already consumed 15 hours of my life and I'm no where near finishing it.

NegativeCreepWA2653d ago

50 for me, while I'm working 50 hours a week.

DaTruth2653d ago

40 for me, and I'm sitting on 6 different branching paths to follow!

Love the way the game connects! You walk off in a completely different direction, peer off a cliff or walk through a door and see a place you've been before, that you didn't know you were anywhere near!

wwm0nkey2653d ago

The game focuses on getting killed and getting mad but you learn from dying.

Also after you hit a stride in these games you can just be a boss for the rest of the game, I wrecked Demons Souls after hitting the 13 hour mark, was able to take out 3 archdemons in a row without getting killed and it felt amazing lol

knowledge4lfe2653d ago

all i can say is this game is amazing. i just beat the giant dragon thingy in the "DEPTHS". but i had help of 2 other people. im level 33 and got about 22 hours so far. some people want instant gratification. this game is all about the pleasure of persevering and the thrill of accomplishing a feat. sad for the people who are quitters.

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