Chrono Trigger: Literal Fan Retranslation

The retranslation is out and up for debate:

"Welcome to the Chrono Trigger Retranslation Project, completed in script form on March 30, 2007 and patched September 28, 2007. Thanks to fan translator KWhazit, the dream of a full original translation is now reality. All dialogue in the game, as well as all lists of items, weapons, armor, locations, etc. have been rendered in English once more. A clearer portrayal of Chrono Trigger as intended by its Japanese creators is now available. It is not the opinion of this project that Ted Woolsey's official translation was bad or insufficient in any way -- only that some essence of the game was lost or altered, given Nintendo of America's censorship standards and the inability of the game to hold all the original text when translated to English. Here's a sample of the final product:"

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level1online3989d ago

ahhhh yes... Chrono Trigger, the first RPG I ever played...

Converted a total football jock, into a pudgey nerd, lol

We love you Crono!!!!

crank3989d ago

Seriously, I submitted great news where the ****

in the morning it's all gone?

crank3989d ago

Seriously, where is the the PS3 bluray story


Skerj3989d ago

I REALLY wish Square wouldn't have issued the Cease and Desist order against the remake project, it was going to be SO awesome.

Last_Life3989d ago

Those at Square-Enix are a bunch of assholes for not allowing the remake, neither making a new Chrono game, fvcking idiots, such greatness frozen.