CryEngine 3 showcases huge and realistic landscapes for the first time

DSOGaming writes: "CryEngine 3 has potential. No, that's not right. CryEngine 3 has HUGE potential and as you may already know, this potential will either be unlocked by the game's modding community or by a truly next-generation game. Modder Salomo released a couple of days ago some screenshots of his latest maps that showcase - for the first time - some huge and realistic environments."

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cannon88002566d ago

I used to make massive maps with the cryengine 2 map also. It's pretty sweet.

limewax2566d ago

yeah the cryengine is fun to play around in. But I have to say this is not actually that impressive.

For starters the sky is the best looking thing in the image but this is also pretty much an identical approach as is being used in almost any game released in the past few months.

But more importantly the lighting appears to have a bug, It is creating green/blue hues in the sand at points when cast at particular angles so I would say I have actually seen much better in games already.

No disrespect to the creator, I just don't feel this is realistic and have seen the CryEngine applied to much more realistic looking settings by both modders and developers

ATi_Elite2566d ago

that's DX9......

at times i feel CryEngine 3 is such a step BACKwards from the CryEngine 2 Dx10 and photo realistic capabilities.

cannon88002566d ago

I just noticed that I wrote it out completely wrong. I meant "Cryengine 2 sandbox editor" lol

Fishy Fingers2566d ago

The first time? Not really, any time since the Editors release have you been able to see or even play around in such map/landscapes.

Plagasx2566d ago

Those shots are nothing to talk about. It's just a big rock with a nice sky to look at.

Venjense2566d ago

I hope next gen looks better than that, I did hear murmuring of Avatar quality, I doubt that good, but those pics aren't even close