ICO & Colossus: Only two bonus videos for Europe - voucher codes are working

European buyers of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus collection can use their voucher codes for the bonus content from now on. While the US version of the game includes five bonus videos on the disc, european players can only download two bonus videos from PlayStation Store.

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Wintersun6162566d ago

Well that's lame, European gamers get shunned again.

Aggesan2566d ago

I don't even get it why they didn't just include it on the bluray here as well. What could be the reason not to?

Halcyon3182566d ago

The videos are in 5 five languages (EN, FR, SP, IT, DE) that's probably the reason for the delay and not be included in the bluray.

NeloAnjelo2566d ago

My code wasn't working for ages. I must have typed and retyped about 50 times! I'm glad that finally we at least get something.

Halcyon3182566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

The 2 videos content is the same as the 5 videos content from US. Instead, 4 of those videos are merged into only 1 big video named Behind the Scenes (2) and the Nico concept video which is named Behind the Scenes (1). And both dynamic themes.

And it was announced on the Playstation Blog that the codes could only work starting October 10th.

But again, the content is the same and it's in 5 languages (EN, FR, SP, IT, DE) while US is only in English causing the delay and not be included in the bluray.