Best 12 PC Games to Buy for Christmas 2011

Unigamesity writes: "Christmas is coming really fast and there will be so many hot titles being released during the Holiday 2011 season that we'd better start saving right away to make sure that we have money for all the great products the we should buy as a gift for us (yes, self-gifting works!) or our beloved ones"

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Trunkz Jr2660d ago

It will never make him wanna buy another CoD again but he rates CoD as #2?

NukaCola2660d ago

Where is:


December 20th!

Finally something that can kill WOW, or at least have the potential.

ATi_Elite2660d ago

It's only one of the BIGGEST games coming out this year......don't know how any respectful journalist could miss that!

Farsendor12660d ago

im looking forward to guild wars 2 more

ATi_Elite2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

So i will present a more proper one of great PC Games for this Holiday no particular order.

Red Orchestra 2
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Star Wars The Old Republic
Nuclear Dawn
Assassin’s Creed Revelations
Elders Scrolls Skyrim
L.A. Noire
Battlefield 3
Take On Helicopters
Arma X anniversary edition
Anno 2070
Guild Wars 2 *if it releases this Holiday*

if you don't already have them then......
The Witcher 2, Portal 2, Two Worlds II: Velvet Edition, Rift, Dragon's Nest, and Vindictus

plus many many more...Enjoy!

KwietStorm2660d ago

Great list, except for LA Noire.

jashmister2660d ago

No one is actually caring about Saints Row the Third? I actually thought some people would care about it.

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