A Glimpse of Ra.One's Gameplay at Launch Event

The latest launch of Sony's Ra.One game is a way of saying that Shahrukh Khan has arrived with a bang again to rule Bollywood. In the game, players can face ten different enemies of each representing different heads of Ravanan.

Shahrukh Khan, who spoke at the event, said that the movie's promotions can't be limited to posters alone and must be made more entertaining, and that is why he originally took the step of launching the video game. Seeing the hype created around the Ra.One game, what Shahrukh Khan says seems to be right.

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Septic2721d ago

Then this isn't a serious bollywood-game conversion.

_DarkCharizard_2721d ago

He wants the game to do well internationally... but he doesn't know that its already going to flop because of the high quality competition in the industry.

deadpoole2721d ago

Septic .. HAAA ... common stereotype ... but true lolllll.

I say let there be as many developers out there around the world because of 2 reasons.

1. When you foster competition, competitors try to deliver outstanding result in order to stay competitive in business.

2. Prices of games will drop in future.

Anything that'll be useful for the consumerbase ... I'm OK with that.

zeeshan2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

That is one ugly dude! Good to see India catching up with game development though!

morganfell2721d ago

Great to see an original Indian game on any platform. Indians possess a wonderful culture that is rich with stories waiting to be told in gaming. So a person does not like Bollywood. Okay. But the fact they believe that is all of India only serves to define the narrowness of their mind.

Personally I would pay serious money to see the story of a young man attempting to escape his destiny only to discover the only way to save the ones his love is to accept his fate and become Shiva. A GoW III style treatment to this story would floor the mainstream west.

disturbing_flame2721d ago

Actually it's a good test for Indian Developers. They need those kind of release to start to build their industry around bigger projects and more confidence in their abilities to produce games.

I don't know how this game gonna be supported in India. I doubt there are a lot of PS3 sold there but if the game is good it can have a small success worldwide.

If it's hyped it got better chance to succeed but it's clearly not the case for the moment.

Tarantino_Life2721d ago

There are very few PS3's in India as it is very expensive for most ppl though now it is slowly getting affordable. Most ppl still keep buying ps2's. The ppl who buy consoles dont give a crap about these Indian games. Honestly Indian games suck and Bollywood is the biggest insult to Mankind's intelligence. I hope these retarded games are not supported.

MrDead2721d ago


Comments like that are the biggest insult to mankind's intelligence.

Hellsvacancy2721d ago

Crap by the looks of it, look at the movie trailer

Lord_Sloth2721d ago

Any1 else notice that their controllers weren't even turned on?

CaptainMarvelQ82721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Laser Lightsaber fighting!!!!
Alien technology those Indians have ....

waltyftm2721d ago

I think the film looks pretty good, as does the game.

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