AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Gameplay Performance Review

Hard OCP takes a look at the gaming performance of AMD's new FX-8150 cpu.

Today we will take a look at how the AMD FX-8150 stacks up in real gameplay versus an Intel Core i7 2500K and 2500K, at default settings and overclocked. Will any of these CPUs provide a better gameplay over the other in some current DX11 games? We show you Battlefield 3, F1 2011, and Civilization V.

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xYLeinen2657d ago

I've read a few reviews now of the new Bulldozer CPU from AMD and it seems that Intel Core i7 2500K still got the advantage.

JDW2657d ago

Indeed it does.....anything that relies on faster IPC is better suited to Intel's Sandy Bridge offerings.

This is a real stinker from AMD......hardly improves upon the previous Phenom II range, in terms of gaming performance.

For a pure gaming rig, 2500K is still the best cpu to go for.

xYLeinen2655d ago

You're correct.

I ment the i7 2600K..

I think I speak for many when I say we hoped AMD's Bulldozer would even topple Intel but again, Intel got more power in each core where AMD got more cores. Who knows if AMD's CPU is more future reliable?

AllroundGamer2656d ago

i waited for these Bulldozers, but this week i bought my new gaming rig with the i7 2600k and it seems, that it was a wise choice, cause the new Bulldozers aren't so great after all...

earbus2656d ago

Yep i7 2600k is my future rig.

NYC_Gamer2656d ago

all the hype/faith down the toilet

Letros2656d ago

This is disappointing, but AMD has a hit with llano, hopefully they can build off of that.

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