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AusGamers has reviewed Dark Souls and writes:

"Death is, if you haven’t figured it out already, a key part of the game, and it’s an onus to the developers in that it’s used so cleverly. Dying is frustrating, especially at first, but it reminds the player that in this world, like the real one, they are as fragile as any other human. Piling on buckets of heavy armour won’t protect you from being set on fire or pushed off a cliff. Taking a second to scout your surroundings and prepare yourself for anything will reward you with a larger haul of souls and the ability to level up and purchase rewards that make continuing just that little more tolerable..."

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Psychonaughty2563d ago

This game is everything the Fable series should have been, I really hope Peter Molyneux and co play it to see how it's done.

Nice article, you're wrong about grinding mind, you can totally grind, in fact there's an area dedicated to grinding for souls.