GameSpot - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

With Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, a respected series takes a nose-dive.

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Heishiro__Mitsurugi2658d ago

what a bs scormd, gamespot. Good thing I dont take reviewers seriously. :)

Someonerandom2658d ago

And here I thought IGN was bad.

LackTrue4K2658d ago

dam thats low, i was going to get this game day 1. but im just not feeling the part where your chase jets down. ill get it at a better price. i love the series since the ps2 days.


Yeah, I didn't liked that either, I don't bought the "closer combat instead of chasing dots far on the horizon" excuse because I don't see how it justifies taking away the control from me... I want to pilot the plane, not watch the game.

And I don't expect a good story either... No Strangeworld = not canon, no sci-fi turns, no post Belkan War story, etc.

I was letdown as it's not what I expected, but even so it seens quite polished, it's not broken at all and definetely good for it's genre... Anything under a 7 seens too low to me.

LackTrue4K2657d ago

your right, that game has great polished! im still getting it, just not now. i have my eyes on other games.

turgore2658d ago

didn't they give Infamous 2 a 7.5. Really Gamespot ? Other reviewers are giving this game 8's.

Cosmit2657d ago

This is a great game. Loving it. MY OPINION, its a 9 :)