Rule of Rose Review

If you're looking for a review of the latest survival horror game you'll have to look here. AceGamez has an exclusive review of Rule of Rose for the PlayStation 2, giving the game an impressive score of 9 out of 10.

"Rule of Rose is without doubt a showcase game for the survival horror genre, standing tall above many of the top contenders. Action junkies looking for the next Resident Evil might find the pace a little slow, and the core gameplay doesn't do anything wildly different, but this is still a wonderful psychological thriller that will draw you in with its bizarrely compelling narrative, atmospheric presentation and thoughtful story-based gameplay. So wait until you're alone, turn out the lights and prepare to discover just how disturbing it can be when children go bad..."

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Sphinx5858d ago

...that puts children in sexual situations or something? Like, doesn't it seem somewhat pervy? I don't know, this is the kind of game that, if I were to play or rent, I'd be embarrassed if anyone knew I had done so.

specialguest5858d ago

this game reminds me of Clock Tower.

Islandkiwi5858d ago

Latest issue of EGM gave Rule of Rose a 4.5/5.0/4.0 (Three reviewers judging on scale of 1-10).