Rule of Rose Review

If you're looking for a review of the latest survival horror game you'll have to look here. AceGamez has an exclusive review of Rule of Rose for the PlayStation 2, giving the game an impressive score of 9 out of 10.

"Rule of Rose is without doubt a showcase game for the survival horror genre, standing tall above many of the top contenders. Action junkies looking for the next Resident Evil might find the pace a little slow, and the core gameplay doesn't do anything wildly different, but this is still a wonderful psychological thriller that will draw you in with its bizarrely compelling narrative, atmospheric presentation and thoughtful story-based gameplay. So wait until you're alone, turn out the lights and prepare to discover just how disturbing it can be when children go bad..."

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Sphinx6292d ago

...that puts children in sexual situations or something? Like, doesn't it seem somewhat pervy? I don't know, this is the kind of game that, if I were to play or rent, I'd be embarrassed if anyone knew I had done so.

specialguest6292d ago

this game reminds me of Clock Tower.

Islandkiwi6292d ago

Latest issue of EGM gave Rule of Rose a 4.5/5.0/4.0 (Three reviewers judging on scale of 1-10).


Unheard of: The Best Boxing Games on the PS2

Take it to the ring and punch him in the face with this great list featuring the best boxing games on the PS2.

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Terry_B4d ago

Ready 2 Rumble 2. The rest is not important.


10 Worst PS2 Games of All Time

Uncover some of the PlayStation 2's worst failures. From shovelware to ports, these games probably made Team Ico wince.

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anast4d ago

I only played Deathmatch at a party and it's a bad game, but yeah the rest of those look not fun.


Embracer CEO confirms TimeSplitters studio faces closure before Christmas

TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design faces closure before Christmas, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors has privately acknowledged.

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Obscure_Observer4d ago

I hope those (selectively) against acquisition of studios are now satisfied.

Nitrowolf24d ago (Edited 4d ago )

What does this even mean lol, this very studio was formed out of a acquisition (purchase of the IP)

How does that in any way serve towards your comment

Not to mention the layoffs from Embracer

Obscure_Observer4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

"How does that in any way serve towards your comment"

Had Xbox acquired that studio from Embracer before gone, you know N4G would gone riot.

Nitrowolf24d ago

So you're making up scenarios for a studio that was created for the sole purpose of this IP, for console warring?? Where has Xbox ever said they were interested in buying them, and vice versa?

Where's this assumption that they would want to even save them? If that was the case, we would never have any studio closure.

Crows904d ago


Wow...cant even begin to imagine the lengths you take to be so inaccurate.

This studio has barely released anything in the last decade. You think people would've rioted? The contrary. It wouldve been an investment into elevating the studio to be able to bring back timesplitters. I wouldve been grateful.

shinoff21834d ago

He's basically saying ms acquisition is good embracer bad

mastershredder4d ago

^ Obscure observer is denser than lead.
Obscure’s mouth flaps, and a whole lot of stupid comes out every freak’n time.

northpaws4d ago


Don't even try, Obscure_Observer has the special power to make every single news into a "XBox good, PS bad" story, powered by infinite amount of delusion, you can't win.

ocelot073d ago

He just liked to ramble and spout nonsense. Just politily nod and back away slowly.

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Crows904d ago

Tell me how ignorant you are without telling me how ignorant you are.

ChiefofLoliPolice4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Dude Obscure_Observer is a complete idiot. He always and I mean ALWAYS make comments and responses that make no absolutely NO sense. Trying to get that moron to learn anything is like trying to teach calculus to a drywall.

4d ago
-Foxtrot4d ago (Edited 4d ago )


People lose their jobs before Christmas


I hope those (selectively) who wonder why you get disagreed to oblivion are now satisfied.

Profchaos4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Xbox dont want studios they want publishers and all the studios that come with it and this isn't even about them not everything is a Xbox slander piece

ziggyzinfirion4d ago


No offense but I think you seriously need to see a doctor.

shadowknight2034d ago

I'm pretty sure Obscure_Observer gets a kick after each comment he reads that bashes him (Some people are like that). He would stop eventually if people simply stopped replying to him altogether lol. But then, maybe everyone who fuels his behavior also gets a kick out of it too

Mr_cheese4d ago

The ultimate satirical troll of N4G strikes again.

But... but... but.... if xbox.

Behave yourself.

1Victor4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

@obscured:”I hope those (selectively) against acquisition of studios are now satisfied.”

Translation by google translate from Xbox fanboy to reality

“I hope those (selectively) in favor acquisition of studios are now satisfied.”
Well when you eat more than you can chew ether you choke to death or poke out, unfortunately when corporations play monopoly thousands of employees families suffer. 😩

Obscure_Observer4d ago


"Well when you eat more than you can chew ether you choke to death or poke out, unfortunately when corporations play monopoly thousands of employees families suffer. 😩"

Check your facts and tell that to Sony which fired hundreds of people while shutting down studios and canceling games in the last few years.

shinoff21834d ago

Sony didn't lay off 10k people. Ms did though. Wtf is wrong with you.

Obscure_Observer3d ago


1Victor was talking about "eating more than you can chew" and all Sony has been doing lately is layoff hundreds of people at *Playstation* including Bungie which under Playstation is 8% smaller after just one year despite the fact that Sony paid 1.2 Billion dollar for talent retention.

The layoffs at MS you mentioned only hit a small fraction at 343i at the time. No other Xbox first studio was affected!

SIE is getting people fired left and right, not to mention cancelling games and shutting down first party studios.

Talk about "eat more than you can chew".

Barlos3d ago

I just can't take you seriously.

You're either a troll or you have some serious mental health problems.