Halo dev: Players only get bored of boring games

VG247 writes: 343 Industries isn’t worried about franchise fatigue with the Halo series, because it’s not just pumping out sequels.

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aviator1892561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Haha, awesome title.
I'm definitely hoping 343i can pack Halo 4 with a story that's exciting and emotional. An in-game video editor would be nice too.

ARTISAN2561d ago

to be honest halo reach wasn't as fun as halo 3 and me and my friends would always hold private matches on forge maps and reach well..... it died off in like 5 months =P i hope halo 4 is as fun as halo 3

StanLee2561d ago

I love Halo Reach but I will admit that I found myself going back to Halo 3 even though I felt Reach was more polished. I still play both but I guess there is a certain affinity to Halo 3. It's the first online community on the consoles I truly became a part of coming from Unreal 2004 on the PC.

mandf2561d ago

343 should make a game first (Halo) before they start talking like they are the standard. They inherited Halo and should feel lucky, be humble and embrace what was handed to them.

Micro_Sony2561d ago

Do you even know who Frank O'Connor is?

343 is part Bungie with a different name and some new employees but some of the vets that made Halo what it is now are on 343.

mandf2561d ago

Other than a few select people from Bungie that stayed behind , it's a new studio. The vast majority of 343 are all new to Halo. 343 has yet to make a Halo and shouldn't try to make themselves out to be more than they are. A new studio. I wish them luck. Developers need to let their games do the talking. Hype and lose lips are the bane of this industry.

palaeomerus2561d ago

Actually lots of people who worked on Halo have moved on from Bungie since Halo came out. Halo 2, 3, ODST, and Reach were not made by most of the people who worked on Halo. Bungie expanded a great deal since MS bought them and there was also some turnover when they left MS to go independent again. They've hired some new people since they started working on their new IP. Nothing is static.

The ONLY real concern I have about Bungie vs. 343 Industries is the lack of Marty O'Donnell on the sound track.

Micro_Sony2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

I agree with you about developers need to let their games do the talking (looking at you Cliffy B and David Jaffe)

But 343 have hired some very talented people and I think Halo 4 is in good hands - the fact that they let go some guy that worked on Metal Gear Solid because he wanted to make a cinematic Halo shows you that 343 is not playing around and want to make sure that Halo 4 is AAA status.

Just to name a few employees.

Corrinne Yu –Principal Engine Programmer on Halo 4 (Director of Technology of Gearbox Software, creator of Borderlands, Lead Engine Programmer of 3D Realms, creator of Prey, Director of Technology of ION Storm, creator of Deus Ex and Anachronox)

Ray Almaden - Lead Level Designer on Halo 4 (former Senior Designer at EA, Guerilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

Dan Ayoub –Executive Producer for Publishing (former Senior Producer at Ubisoft and EA, Game Director at Propoganda Games)

Josh Holmes – Studio Creative Director, Creative Director on Halo 4 (former VP and General Manager of Propoganda Games, Lead Designer at EA

Kenneth Scott - Senior Art Director on Halo 4 (former Art Director at id Software

Sotaro Tojima –Audio Director on Halo 4 (former Sound Designer and Audio Director at Kojima Productions)

Scott Warner –Lead Game Designer on Halo 4 (former Designer at Pandemic and Black Isle Studios)

Brad Welch –Lead Designer on Halo 4 (former Lead Designer at EA, Pandemic Studios)

Jesse Snyder - Lead Designer on Halo 4 (former designer at Treyarch, purported creator of the Nazi Zombies gametype)

Fredrik Persson - Lead Gameplay Engineer (former Lead Programmer at Pandemic Studios)

Ryan Payton - Narrative Designer on Halo 4 (former Assistant Producer at Kojima Productions, freelance writer)

Brien Goodrich - Cinematic Director on Halo 4 (former Art Lead at Turn 10 Studios, Lighting Supervisor and Associate Art Director at FASA Studios)

sack_boi2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Damn. It's the "All Stars" of the videogame industry.

2561d ago
narutogameking2561d ago

Yup. This is true.
and the fact that Black OPs has been #1 on Xbox Live since release proves that the games aren't boring. Quite the opposite actually.

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