BF3 to have no Battlerecorder at Launch

DICE's very own Community Manager made it clear that the Battlerecorder will not launch with the release of Battlefield 3. However, they are working on including it in Post Release Support.

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Ducky2563d ago

Oh well, on the up side, the game is friendly with FRAPS.

Pandamobile2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

True, but having a demo recorder with camera control options would be BEAST. Even something as simple as Call of Duty's.

PRHB HYBRiiD2563d ago

with all those crazy things that only happen in battlefield really looking forward to this feature.

superrey192563d ago

At least we know it'll come eventually :)

blumatt2563d ago

Awh, Sad face not warranted. I'm sure it'll work great when it comes out. At least they're not going to charge for it. Paid dlc is the bane of this generation. Some devs. are nice enough to give free dlc, such as Portal 2's free dlc that just came out.

ATi_Elite2563d ago

There's an App for that....FRAPS!!

Fraps will record your video game play in Ultra HD and it will tell you how many Frames per second your getting while playing!

Corax2563d ago

At least I know it's coming later. Now I don't have to spend top dollar on a recorder.

2563d ago
yarbie10002563d ago

I think they rushed to get the game out before Call of Duty because they are so GOD DAMNED Obsessed with CoD

narutogameking2563d ago

*sniff* *sniff* I smell a rush release.

Modern Warfare 3 will be complete on Day 1. It will have Theater Mode on Day 1....ON CONSOLES AND PC!

Believe it or not Modern Warfare 3 will have many more features and modes than BF3. Go ahead and disagree if you want.

dooge2563d ago

Of course it will be complete. They made the same game two years ago. All they are doing is slapping a new coat of paint on.

$100 says it will still be a bug fest.

bobtheimpaler2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

It doesn't mean it will be good and free of bugs and cheats.

Activision's devs have repeatedly shown they are incapable of developing a polished game with even the simplest of mechanics.

It will stay this way unless they actually take the time to do proper betas.

Also, who cares. COD only caters to the lowest common denominator.

All those extra modes won't matter. All those people care about is death match/ team death match.

BF3 like BF2 will last and will be supported for years. Can't say the same for COD games.

superrey192563d ago

When you build on top of 4 previous games it's pretty easy to include "more" things such as theater mode, which simply has to be pulled from blops. BF3 was built from scratch so every mode, map, feature has to be built from the ground up. And yet... they still can't seem to fix reoccurring bugs and glitches in the COD series after all these years -_-

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