GamePro - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

Kat Bailey writes: It's a good all-around package, but I expect that it will sneak under the radar now that the fall release season is in full swing. It's a shame, because the single-player is every bit the addictive sugar rush that Modern Warfare is, and it's handsomely produced to boot. It's the perfect palate cleanser for a game like Dark Souls, which is the diametric opposite in terms of mood and gameplay. After being lost in a dungeon for hours on end, sometimes you just want to jump into a jet fighter and blow stuff up for a while. And in that regard, Ace Combat fits the bill perfectly.

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blumatt2561d ago

The Ace Combat series was extremely fun back in the PS2 days. I've yet to try it out this generation, however. I might give this a rent and see if I want to buy it.

Nuckles2561d ago

Do not buy this game if u do not like to be really angry it is overly hard for no reason

Nuckles2561d ago

Im too old for games like this