Why Battlefield Will Never Catch Call of Duty

All indications point to Battlefield 3 being an outstanding game that has a great many steps forward over its predecessors. Similar early word says that while Modern Warfare 3 might be good in its own right, it does little to innovate over past titles.

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deadpoole2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Nobody ever said anything about catching ... its all about takin the fair chunk of food from somebodys plate and they can't do anything about it. ITs like gettin a satisfaction of taking somebodys customer base and makin em buy your product.

Another exampe just like what MS did with Sony.

WhiteLightning2565d ago

"Another exampe just like what MS did with Sony." a COD vs B3 article

Just had to squeeze that in there didn't you

jbiz3302565d ago

doesnt make it untrue.

M-Easy2565d ago

Trolls are gonna troll. Just mark him for trolling or off topic. Once they have 1 bubble they disappear.

StanLee2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Seriously, if the Bad Company franchise couldn't how can Battlefield 3? Please tell me how Battlefield 3 distinguishes itself from the Bad Company franchise on consoles? Speaking to gamers today in Gamestop, many haven't preordered the game or even have any intentions of getting it. They played Bad Company 2, didn't like it and don't see the big difference. Frankly, neither do I. I don't see how Battlefield 3 makes that great leap. I don't see how it separates itself from the Bad Company franchise to encourage more people the play it. The core gamers will embrace it but they'll also buy Call of Duty. How does Battlefield 3 bring in those gamers who never played Battlefield 2 and have an affinity for that game, who played Bad Company 1 and 2 and didn't enjoy it? The game has even less personality than the Bad Company titles.

Arnon2565d ago

Funny. I actually work at GameStop and my store has about as many BF3 reserves as MW3. In fact, it might have more due to PS3.

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solid warlord2565d ago

After playing the BF3 beta on both xbox 360 & ps3 i believe it has NO chance, atleast in multiplayer as i cant comment on single player of which i have not played yet. BF3 is basicaly BC2.1. It reminded me how boring BF multiplayer can get. BF multiplayer is one of those games that are "OK" to play while they are new but gets boring quite easily.

Games like COD, halo, gears and uncharted you will play longer cause they just more FUN and thats what video games supposed to be.

gcolley2565d ago

i have more fun with BF. vehicles + destruction = fun. what is more fun than blowing sh!t up

the beta had neither so you obviously havent played BF before or you would not use the beta as a reason for anything period. i find halo more fun than the others you listed but not as much as bf and a bit old school like unreal.

but no it won't catch up because it is less casual than CoD and i actually am happy it is not CoD in gameplay or sales.

da_2pacalypse2565d ago

people who are raging about the beta on console are just new to the series and don't realize how great bf bc2 was.... They also need to realize that this was an earlier build of the game, and that the game will be polished by launch. Dice is an awesome developer and they're good for supporting their product with tons of updates throughout the game's life cycle. I don't want BF3 to "catch up" to Cod, because COD has little kids who don't understand what it takes to win.

egidem2565d ago

Might I mention that the opposite is true as well "Why Call of Duty Will Never Be Better Than Battlefield"

Trunkz Jr2565d ago

Indeed, you get tired of INF after so long, Vehicles bring a fresh feel to the battlefield.

Fil1012565d ago

lol how about why should I care ? bf kicks ass and that's all that matters,

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iamnsuperman2565d ago

" I am saying that smart doesn’t always sell"

So true. I love battlefield games but Call of duty is a different type of fun. I love games that challenge me (like ARMA) but I still have a need for fast paced action. I am not saying I am going to pick up COD over BF (I will pick both up but at a much later date).

nolifeking2565d ago

Smart doesn't sell because people are inherently stupid. The dumber you make a product, the wider the audience becomes for said product. Reality T.V, dumbed down remakes and self help books all prove this. I really do pray for a global plague sometime, but that's totally beside the point.

DEADEND2565d ago

That was such a well said comment lol, and so true. I want a zombie apcolypes like the one from I am Legend.

fluffydelusions2565d ago

I'm not really interested in sales but rather gameplay of which I prefer BF. I know dev teams are interested in sale because more money for them but if Activision keeps pushing the same game out every year eventually COD will die out due to lack of interest (maybe?). I guess maybe that is optimistic. MW3 is on track to outsell Black Ops already afaik.

callmedom942565d ago

Never, is a strong word to use here

narutogameking2565d ago

Just because it will never sell as much as Call of Duty it doesn't mean it won't be a great game.

Elwenil2565d ago

You feeling ok there Naruto? That's the most sensible comment I have seen from you.

And I totally agree.

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