Uncharted 3 - Molten Ruins Gameplay Video

Velocity Gamer: Checkout one of the newly released maps called, Molten Ruins.

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bayport2659d ago

It's always nice when the person recording the video isn't horrible.

Good Vid

PersianGloryHD2658d ago

I agree, thanks :b (I'm the recorder lol :D)

Axecution2659d ago

This map kinda reminds me of Killzone. >.>

Looks awesome =D

Though the video sort of spoiled that there is gonna be a volcano in single player... oh well. I should learn to stay away from all the videos, including multiplayer ones. x.x
Its so hard though haha

Hockeydud192659d ago

Yea, but at least the MP maps are just tidbits of the full level. I'm sure it'll amaze us all either way lol. I mean desert village didn't resemble much of what the campaign footage showed us.

2659d ago
El-Fenemeno12132659d ago

When I first heard of this map I thought I could die in the lava. A let down lol

Lucreto2659d ago

Looks good but the only thing annoying me is people are already at the level cap and they get to keep that level when the game is released.

Buuhan12659d ago

You level up crazy fast in this game. I've played for a bout 4-5 hours so far and I'm already level 13, keep in mind I also suck, so if you're a good player you'll be to the level cap in no time.

Quadrostacker2659d ago

get a sub and you'll be happy