New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details Revealed writes, "While fans may not be the “happiest” initially over Mass Effect 3 adding a multiplayer component, they should at least delve into the details before making any decisions. Mass Effect 3 still has a few months to go, but in the December issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, quite a few details on the multiplayer mode have been released."

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--Onilink--2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

well im sorry for the haters, because personally every new detail they announce really makes the MP component look great, how it interacts with the SP story (IF YOU WANT TO), the ability to expand on things seen on the SP, playing as a freaking drell!!

Also with the amount of stuff and details they are putting into it, it hardly looks like it was just a last minute add-on and since its a diferent Bioware studio making it in collaboration, people can stop assuming that they would take away resources from the SP mode

This part is also interesting:
"Out of respect of the magazine, we’ve left quite a few big details out of this article, and definitely recommend that you pick up the issue when it becomes available."

I wonder what details are they leaving out

SageHonor2661d ago

Yes this actually sounds really intriguing!

Hockeydud192661d ago

Lotta lotta typos in there. Good info though!

Cerberus292661d ago

As someone who was against multiplayer in mass effect 3, I gotta say this actually sounds pretty cool.