T3 Awards: Microsoft Xbox Kinect crowned shock Gadget of the Year winner

Toppling giants in the likes of the Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II, Microsoft’s motion gaming peripheral has been crowned the T3 Gadget Awards 2011 Gadget of the Year

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iamnsuperman2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Its no surprise. T3 award are voted by the public (short listings) and their magazine and website seems oriented towards the casual side of gaming with the main focus on other gadgets. Their gaming side has improved over the years with proper reviews but still the major ones still come from other websites. Their judges are just thinking of their audience/are more casual gamers and this is no surprise to me as the Kinect at the moment is a very popular in the casual market.

Anarki2616d ago

Serious question. Who used their kinect 2 weeks after they bought it? or even a week? agree if you did, disagree if you didn't... as far as I know, none of my mates who bought one have used theirs after the first week of purchasing it. Not being a troll.. I'll buy a kinect when the price goes drastically down.

EVILDEAD3602616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

'Serious question. Who used their kinect 2 weeks after they bought it? or even a week? agree if you did, disagree if you didn't... as far as I know, none of my mates who bought one have used theirs after the first week of purchasing it.'

Your 'mates' dont equal the world. Everybody I know who owns Kinect still uses it. I've used it the entire year. I'm not going to pretend I use it everyday, because that's silly.

But I definately pull it out when we have parties. Went overseas and saw this club using Kinect and Dance Central like Karaoke. I was amazed at how good random member of the crowd were. My friend at work just told me he went to a friends party last weekend and the bowled using Kinect Sports and he NOW knows what I've been telling him all year..he's owned Kinect and still didn't buy K Sports. I still see people on Live playing Kinect.

Last two games I bought were Child of Eden and Gunslinger w/ Fruit Ninja. I rented Rise of the Nightmare that weekend as well to try it out. Not to mention Kinect Fun Labs.

Kinect is about to get crazy play with Forza 4 coming out tommorow. Not to mention Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2 are coming in October as well.

I'm buying those 3, Fitness Evolved 2, and Motion Sports: Adrenaline before the year is out. The rest of the kid games will be bought for Xmas gifts.

Of course with the huge multi-media update which is heavily Kinect based dropping before the holiday, there are going to be a whole lot of people using it for more than games

Kinect is a blast and it's pricelss what it did for my family and good friends. (especially with alcohol involved)

I'm all about devices that bring fun, I still dust off the Wii for Boom Blox, Wii Sports 2, and the game shows, but I've gotten way more out of Kinect than I did with all the expensive band gear I've owned since the heavy Guitar Hero and Rock Band days.


gamingdroid2616d ago

Kinect outside of the somewhat "hardcore" gaming crowd is very popular so it is no surprise of the positive reception.

The technology itself is a huge leap itself from what was possible before so it is well deserved.

Now developers just have to figure out how Kinect can be best used in games.

mcstorm2616d ago

I agree with you. Kinect is a fun device at the moment with games like dance central kinect sports ect but i think once the new dash is out and we have more kinect/core games more of the core will buy into thw device. MS said at e3 that they are still only touching the beginning stages of what is possible with kinect and with games like forza 4 me3 rise of nightmares out this year its giving developers chnce to see what is possible with the device. EA have said fifa and NHL 13 will use kinect in some way and i think this is the bes way to bring kinect into games. Dont chane a gme for kinect find away of using kinect in a game.
This site hates kinect i know that but if people look at the device and software its got alot of room to expand over the next few years and not only change developers thoughts on how to make games but thing like tv's sky boxes pcs all being controled by voice and hand controls. And alot more things too.

StraightPath2616d ago

I smell and see jealousy in this thread.

gcolley2616d ago

jealousy??? how? why? that doesn't even make sense.
what i see is kinect owners like me who know the product is not even close to what is advertised by MS. kinect 2.0 will surely be what MS says the current is but right now it just is not very good. my question is why can't we have both kinect and wiggling stick in one package?

Micro_Sony2616d ago

Calm down gcolly - your acting like he was talking about you.

coolbeans2616d ago

As always, haters gonna hate.

elshadi2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

well why would we love Kinect ????
give me a reason why we should love it
dose it have a hardcore games ???
i'm not a hater
i just want to know

Edit :
thanx for the disagrees with no reason
ok i love kinect it sooooooooooooo awesome
thanx fairy guys

Father Murder X2616d ago

you should love it because its fun.

coolbeans2616d ago

Never asked you to love it, only pointing out that "haters gonna hate". Requiring a piece of hardware to have hardcore games in order for you to love or not hate it just shows how many n4g posters have a severe case of tunnel vision.

Although I don't flock to the motion control threads, not once have I seen posters attack the Kinect for not being "fun" but instead "casual". This shows you how just how deeply rooted fanboyism seems to be.

Muffins12232616d ago

Just cause,its a nice and cool device and i really use it for movies and for dash-bored/music.I dont really use it alot for games :D Its just it dosent have enough good games on it,amazing device but has shitty games>Infact now my whole family wants to watch espn on my xbox because of kinect.

gamingdroid2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Thank you for thoughtful responses.

I for one "love" Kinect for what it is right now.

Casuals games are a blast and I have so much fun with it. In some ways, more fun than hard core games, because playing it in a group always erupts into so much laughter and jokes.

That said, if you hate a product because it ain't aimed at you (or fit your needs) then I smell jealousy. After all, why would you hate on something that doesn't really matter to you....

elshadi2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Casuals games are not why adult like me buy console
i buy console for games fit my age which is 25
i love hardcore games
and Kinect dose not have any of those
i don't like to buy kinect to play
kinect sport or disney adventures

"That said, if you hate a product because it ain't aimed at you (or fit your needs) then I smell jealousy.... "

i would be jealous if it has awesome and cool games i can play it
but it don't have any thing make me love it
or hate it as well

i said it before that i don't hate it
Hint :
"i'm not a hater
i just want to know "

i love xbox
i just don't find any thing good about kinect when it come to games

you can hit disagrees all you want
but that will not change my opinion

Micro_Sony2616d ago

Calm down Elishadi - your acting like he was talking about you.

VINNIEPAZ2616d ago

elshadi, people like you are haters. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you come in here and rain on the parade. I don't like games like Forza, GT5, Dragon Age and COD, but I don't go into those topics and rant about what I don't like. Why? BECAUSE I DONT PLAY THEM SO WHY GIVE MY OPINION TO THE CROWD THAT WANTS TO PLAY THEM!!! Now if it a game I do like, but not a certain aspect of the game, then I can see giving a comment what I dont like to make the game better IMO. Other than that, JUST STAY THE HELL OUTTA TOPICS YOU DONT LIKE! Nobody cares that YOU dont play kinect. I have both kinect and Move and they both sit on the shelf about the same. Stop hatin you hater!

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Tarantino_Life2616d ago

OMG here I thought haters were going to love and lovers were going to hate.

shikamaroooo2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The galaxy s2 should of won hands down

iamnsuperman2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I agree 1GHz dualcore processor with 1GB of RAM in a phone is a big deal and that isn't all its best features.

edit:@M1chl even better. The specs make my Iphone 4 look obsolete. Kind of wished I shopped before upgrading my 3G to an Iphone 4.

M1chl2616d ago

Its actually 1.2Ghz : P I have one here, great device : ) Still own kinect as well and S2 seems like a next smartphone, on the other hand kinect is something "new" for all those people, so for me is reasonable : )

shikamaroooo2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

1.5 ghs if you considered the galaxy s2 HD LTE and it's still a dual processor

earbus2616d ago

Cool i dig kinnect the bowling game in kinnect sports is great fun congrats MS .

aviator1892616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I'm not hating on the move, but I don't think it really stood out from the wii's motion controls aside from excellent precision.
The wii did something different, the kinect introduced controller-free gaming (not just a webcam that detects outlines of figures), and in my opinion, sony just played it safe with the move. Don't get me wrong, the move is an excellent add-on with great implementation and precision, but I think the judges and the audiences were looking to reward a gadget that did something different.

2616d ago
gamingdroid2616d ago

The PS Move, I feel didn't get the push from Sony the same way Kinect does.

It is more accurate than Wii motes and has lots of potential, but failed to bring any new experience. Heck, as it stands it is so similar to Wii Motion Plus and the only differentiating factor is better graphics and cooler looking plastic attachments.

It seems Sony is very busy focusing on PS Vita....

StraightPath2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Move dissapeared in few weeks and tacked onto games. To me was just a clone wiimote. Sony did not push it at all.

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