PolyPwn Presents: “Let’s Pwn!” Red Orchestra 2 – Episode 2

Welcome to another exciting episode of “Let’s Pwn!” In this episode, we explore deep topics such as “was the MP40 the world’s first railgun?” And “Is F*ckton a word?” Learn the answers to the age old mysteries and much more as we continue to take you through the epic journey of Red Orchestra 2′s single player campaign!

This series was recorded with the Ultra graphical settings applied, and presented in 1080P!

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ATi_Elite2561d ago

Not too bad of a video. One good point was you got to see how you gotta pay attention to your cover cause bullets can go through thin wood and plaster!

this video was before the patch it seems like cause the A.I. is a lot better or he is playing on easy!

Cody642561d ago

I'm playing on an easier difficulty, mostly due to the fact that it's easier to get through the missions while describing what's going on. I'd probably die a whole lot more if I were on the harder difficulties, because it would require a lot more paying attention and a lot less narrating ;)

Thanks for the feedback! Should have some more episodes up within the next couple of days.