Uncharted 3 Gameplay Videos of New Multiplayer Maps

Yesterday Naughty Dog released an Update for the Uncharted 3 Early Access Multiplayer. Along with the various bug fixes came two new maps: Highrise and Molten Ruins. Vivid Gamer has checked out the new maps and have some gameplay videos for you to watch.

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dwightmccarthy2566d ago

Im liking the vertical gameplay of highrise

TheLiztress2566d ago

Got to say that Highrise looks awesome.

GamerSciz2566d ago

Highrise is sweet but man oh man quite often you are killed hanging on the wall. It is quite dynamic of gameplay though. Fun too.

2566d ago
Omar912566d ago

That's weird.... the guy playing is aiming.... but wait..... aren't people complaining how everyone shoots from the hip and how its un -neccesary to aim?