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Gamekult writes : "Forza 4 is the new standard for car simulation on consoles, period."

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ironwolf2564d ago

Just curious where you got the 8/10? Not saying it's wrong but the only rating I found in the article was "Very Good".

disturbing_flame2564d ago

It's certainly a problem with Google translate, on the top right of the page click on : original; you'll see the 8.

StraightPath2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Wont really effect the already high metacritic that much, but Forza has recieved stellar reviews. Even though 8 is a very good score it oftens starts a fanboy war. FYI Gran Turismo 5 got an 7/10 from that site.

Outside_ofthe_Box2564d ago

An 8 is what the game deserves in my opinion based off reading from the reviews.

After reading the reviews currently released the 9.5s didn't match the pros and cons of the game imo.

I know I'll get a bunch of disagrees for posting this, but I can't hold back my opinion just because I'm afraid of backlash.

dark-hollow2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

+ 1 for open opinions even though I disagree but I won't press disagree with your comment.

What gets on my nerve is the idiots who says forza is an arcade racer and even compare it to NFS franchise which is a flat out lie!

Morpheuzpr2563d ago

Ohh really here's is what ISR had to say about it

francknara62564d ago

Gamekult is a respected french site, i read all of their reviews and i can assure you a 8 is VERY Good (thought GT5= 7/10 for exemple)

GoldenPheasant2564d ago

Oh shit, they put "period", that means it truer than true. People compare it to nfs because it is arcadey, as much as it bothers people to hear it. Everything that comes out on the box is da bomb, its truez! Everything on ps3 is decent and okay..... You win a star intrawebz, period.

mcstorm2564d ago

Not long to wait now for me in the uk cant wait to get my hands on this game.

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