Daytona USA achievements leak - but SEGA still hasn't announced it

The full achievement list for an Xbox Live Arcade version of Daytona USA has been leaked - despite the fact that SEGA has yet to officially announce it.

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pucpop2653d ago

BEST arcade racing game. FACT.


I still have this game for sega saturn. I remember showing off to my friends who were still stuck with snes and genesis because this game had real vocals in the music. Blue-blue -blue skies I seeee...

caseh2653d ago

Roooolllliiiiiiing staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrt!

Does anyone know what this game is based off? A port of Daytona USA, Daytona, Daytona 2 or all of the above?

BuffMordecai2653d ago

Connect a wheel and its just like the arcade experience.