Long Live Play Brings Heroes to Life

GP Blogger, ShrimpyXD gives an in-depth commentary on the latest "Long Live Play" PS3 ad from Sony. Is there more to it than meets the eye?

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yesmynameissumo2652d ago

Gotta love the disagree.

And yes...To Michael!!

JohnnyMann4202652d ago

My RL name is Michael.

To Michael, Mother F******s!

TheFallenAngel2652d ago

sucks that Kratos didn't scream MICHAELL!!!!

Redempteur2652d ago

if kratos scream your name you're either dying ..or about to die ...

so ...for michael sake , it was a good thing actually.

TheFallenAngel2652d ago

Lol funny and good point lol.

hilyou2652d ago

u just made my day! bubbles 4 u for being FUNNY!

RXL2652d ago

lmao....fantastic point

Pwnage182022652d ago

I cant stop watching this damn commercial something about is soooo fricken Addicting Long Live Gaming & TO MICHAEL!!!!!

beast242tru2652d ago

wow thats really nice commercial great idea sony

Rai2652d ago

gonna change my name to Michael!

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