1UP: Review: Forza 4 is a Simulation Driving Game for Everyone

The average consumer is not a professional race car driver and probably for good reason. A ride to the grocery store doesn't require intimate knowledge of how a limited slip differential works. Plus, heading to the nearest supermarket at breakneck speeds isn't a good idea any way.

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The LCE I ordered is waiting at home for me. Wish I could get out of here early.

Boody-Bandit2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I preordered LE and the lame ass store didn't get it. Had to settle for standard version. My LE edition will arrive tomorrow. Needed 3 copies anyway for eyefinity.

Playing on one display for now. Just more to look forward too tomorrow.

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can't really call it a simulation then if its catered for everyone can you? Forza 4 is an amazing game but its not really simulation, just has all the things that make a simulation game but the controls(with all assists off) still feel arcade like(too forgiving).

Its a smart thing to do as it lets more people enjoy the game but I still feel a little annoyed when people say its simulation and its not really...but that's a personal issue mostly. Again the game really is amazing though.

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Generic comment about the "arcady" forza #468

sofocado2659d ago

More difficult does not translate to be better simulation just for your information. I think simulation wise FM 4 is in the same level of GT5. If you want a real simulation you will go with pc simulation games. But for console I think FM4 is good enough.

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