Tips For Surviving Dark Souls

Disclaimer: You will still die, a lot.

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MagicAccent2567d ago

I'd just like to stress this:

It's 100% fatal, and you'll just have to do it all over again anyway.

Canary2566d ago


This is what bugs me about watching gameplay vids. People always walking everywhere and always guarding. Reactionary gameplay is NOT the way to go. Once you know how the enemies you're facing fight, you should always be on the offensive. Charge at them and strike first. Makes moving around so much faster.

I managed to clear the Depths/Sewers and the vagina-dragon in about 20 minutes by doing that (first time in the area) simply because the enemy AI sucks so much. They're hardly ever able to attack you if you run up to 'em, and once you get the first hit, they're staggered, and thus easy to kill.

Tanir2566d ago

also if a black phantom invades ur world, and u have 4 humanity's, 12000 souls and he comes in running at the speed of light and shooting fireballs that engluf the entire room, u teleport the hell out of there.

i didnt do that -_-, emo moment of the day

Solidus187-SCMilk2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

yeah, and you should buy the thing that lets you repair you stuff at the bonfire ASAP, its only 2000 souls.

I got stuck with a weakened weapon and had run out of repair powder. All my other weapons were not good enough to survive long. It was a struggle even just to backtrack and get out of the area I was in(blightown) to get to a blacksmith.

But now I got the repair kit and can repair my armor and weapons at any bonfire as long as I have the souls. Makes it much easier so you dont need the powder or a blacksmith to fix your stuff. I wish I had it before so I could have stayed in that area instead of going all the way back.

CaitSith2566d ago

Stock up on upgraded weapons and armour then. The item load isn't there anymore, so you can.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2566d ago

I got the game on launch and just now beat the gargoyles. It's darn near impossible without help or range attacks but I did it.

FunAndGun2566d ago

Once you get a bow, get 50 standard arrows. go to the area under the bridge with the red dragon. shoot his tail like 30-40 times and you will get a special strong sword.

should help you a bit if you are having a hard time.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2566d ago

Well I was but I beat it already. Thanks for the tip though. Chopping off those gargoyle tales gives you a poison axe that really can't be used. Who sells arrows?

Tanir2566d ago

pfft where do u find a bow haha i need one bad

FunAndGun2566d ago

the merchant in my comment below sells bows...I am pretty sure. you can do the dragon tail trick with crossbows, but have to aim/time just right.

FunAndGun2566d ago

The merchant by the first bonfire in undead burg. the bonfire in a little room, with a ladder on the wall. when you step out of the room there is an archer in front of you and a guy coming up the steps on the right. there are guys throwing fire bombs to your left. go down the steps the guy came up and head left. there will be two spear soldiers. kill them, then destroy the boxes in that area in the middle to reveal will find him after that.

pr0digyZA2566d ago

Ye that sword helped a lot during the gargoyles fight as it has 200 damage. You get that and the NPC helper and a co-op buddy and those things stand no chance. I went by myself cut off the guys tail for axe (which isn't as high as the sword). Then second time I went in with everyone, we ended up taking them out in less than 10 seconds.

Spenok2566d ago

Just got the drake sword.... too awesome. However i also just got a piece of armor that with the drake sword puts me above half stamina... lol. Time to farm like 7 lvls of endurance xD