Gamers XTREME - RAGE Review: A Refreshing New Take on an Overpopulated Genre

Gamers Xtreme: "Simply put, RAGE is an outstanding game. What makes RAGE great is due to its focus on action more than RPG elements from games like Fallout and Borderlands. The online modes are a nice diversion and the campaign is definitely lengthy if you choose to complete all the quests and mini-games scattered around the universe. Id Tech 5 should be the new standard for many developers to look into utilizing due to the power it possesses. Thanks to this amazing technology, RAGE is one of the best looking games on the market. All video game enthusiasts should, at one point or another, experience RAGE."

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joab7772565d ago

Thanks you for an honest review. I think it may suffer from giving a fallout feeling but not the depth but it does so many things right that are original. The graphics r breathtaking as r the animations, the guns and the hit detection. I just wish there was more but that's not a bad thing.

yonkersfinest882565d ago

Absolutely this game did soo much right, I really enjoyed this refreshing take on a familiar genre we all know. Thanks soo much for the feedback man.